MAGA and Qanon "desperate and disillusioned"

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I need to be careful not to overdo it on the schadenfreude, I hear it can lead to a hell of a hangover.


In German, a “schadenfreudekatzenjammer?”


Trump only pardoned heinous white-collar criminals who often preyed on gullible white trash, which is ironically mostly the makeup of the Qanon people.


Exactly. I have only two words for them: Ha. Ha.


We’ve had the Tea Party, MAGA, QAnon, and a host of other nazis, militias, etc. They showed that they can pull together, and I imagine that everyone involved with QAnon will move on to the next shit show soon enough.

  1. With any luck we can get … half? of the Q-Anon people to bail/wake up? Though with our luck, most will still believe in the conspiracy, but just that Trump wasn’t as active in it as thought.

  2. “No pardons for middle class whites who risked their livelihoods by going to ‘war’ for Trump,” "

Right - he doesn’t actually care about you people.


I don’t care how they feel. Yesterday afternoon, I woke up feeling as if a huge weight had lifted from upon my shoulders (I work nights; sleep during the day).

Today is a good day, the first I’ve felt in four years; again, I don’t give a shit how they feel. We have real adults in the White House again.

For now, that’s all I care about.


More working class people voted for Biden. It was not “white trash” that continued to support Trump, for the most part.


“So just to recap: Drumpf will pardon Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, high profile Jewish fraudsters … No pardons for middle class whites who risked their livelihoods by going to ‘war’ for Drumpf,”

I’m glad some of them are taking this opportunity to proudly reveal the underlying racism and anti-Semitism they could barely conceal before the prophecy failed.


Here’s hoping that they are mostly “desperate and disillusioned” in the “will knock it off now” sense rather than the “see no reason to continue; or refrain from taking others with them” sense.

Fatalistic risk insensitivity can be a…volatile…combination with a grab bag of assorted grievances and ready access to weapons.


Picked this up at Wonkette this morning. It focuses on one group, but to your point, this was a coalition and is a lot more “normal” looking than many would like to believe.

Of course, it was definitely seasoned with a heavy dose of white trash (coming from someone who grew up in the dumpster with them).


If you’re gullible enough to spend two years “trusting the plan” when week after week none of the predictions ever came true, then why stop now?


But again, the core of his base was generally speaking not working class people and never really was. Hell, even back in 2016, during that election, they often spoke to Trump supporters who were small business owners, and rarely people who worked in factories or in the service industry. Working class people vote in fewer numbers because they are pretty disillusioned with the government ever being able to work for them. That doesn’t mean there weren’t some working class people there, but I don’t think that most people in that class had the money to fly to DC (or drive to DC) for a rally in the first place.

The people who are undermining us are almost always the elite classes who are seeking to maintain the status quo at the very least. This means white and upper class in the US. His hardcore are looking to do even more by turning back the clock on various rights hard won by people since the beginning of the 20th century. The more we focus on the “white trash” angle, the more we lose that thread. And if we really are going to fix shit, that’s a thread we need to hold onto.


So these numerous credulous atavistic idiots now recede into the hedges like so many Homer Simpsons, presumably to be utilized to return by the next populist Mussolini-oid? Is there any way they can be enumerated and tracked in hibernation against future outbreaks? Perhaps camera traps baited with MAGA hats, ammo magazines, and coupons for Chick-fil-A? or perhaps Arby’s? “AI can predict people’s political beliefs by what they buy


The Proud Boys apparently are also mad at [expletive deleted] as well. They were under the illusion that they were doing what he wanted (which was true) and that he would deliver for them in the end (ha ha). So now they feel betrayed, as if they hadn’t noticed that this is what happens to everyone he touches.


Agreed. Just as trump admittedly used and stiffed blue collar contractors in all of this “deals”, he used the MAGA suckers to the benefit of an ever-narrowing circle of sociopathic Gordon Gekkos. And left them with the bill like always.


All those shofars aimed at the capital building backfired.

This whole thing rests solely at the feet of the Beastie Boys.


In addition to the grift you describe, the nature of his base is also obscured by a lot of rural and blue-collar cosplay as well as the usual GOP pretense of being the party of Real Americans™. In fact, the profile of his base was mainly exurban, white-collar or small-business owner, and Xtianist.


I see your point, I guess my definition of white trash did not just encompass working class folks. If you support any kind of white supremacy or fascist agenda, regardless of your career or economic background, you are white trash in my book.