MAGA Congressman accuses DOJ of "protecting" Hunter Biden with felony charges (video)

Originally published at: MAGA Rep says DOJ is protecting Hunter with felony charges


Oh shut up, Comer.

Joe Biden Reaction GIF by Election 2020


Ah, yes, much like Capone was indicted on tax evasion to “protect him.”
Got it.


In their mythology there’s some hidden crime they are always just on the verge of uncovering that’s worse than the crimes he’s already charged with.

They will never find this magical hidden crime, which “proves” just how serious it must be, and how hard the “deep state” is working to cover it up.

And they don’t want crimes committed by Hunter for which Hunter alone will serve jail time, they want something to link back to his dad.

So they keep looking and looking and looking and looking, and most of them know there’s nothing to find anyway but their base wants to see them doing the busy work.


He has a point. Trump needs all our protection right now. Thoughts and prayers from across the water that all the federal agencies from the ATC, EPA, FBI, ICE, and IRS protect Trump to the full extent of their powers and with judges offering the longest possible protections.

And if that doesn’t work the NSA to get the CIA to render him safely to a site black to his enemies in the MSM where he will be protected non stop, 24 hours a day, in his protective jumpsuit and hood, until he needs no more protection.


Wasn’t this whole thing about a bribe actually rather than a cover up, trying get Ukraine to fake dirt on Biden to rig the election for trump. Perfect phonecall or something?

seditious pigs…


“But sheriff, if you execute the outlaw for these crimes now then how can you execute him for more severe crimes later?!”


LOL. Tapper should have asked if they indicted Trump to protect him from other more serious charges, like treason.


will there be hamberders? I’ll go too if there are hamberders


From what I’ve read, the charges that Hunter is facing are being treated a lot more seriously in his case than they usually are, seemingly in an attempt by prosecutors to not seem like they’re going easy on him because of his dad. Well, the joke’s on them - the Republicans are still going to weave prosecutors into being complicit in their conspiracy theories, even if they send Hunter to jail for 20 years.

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If I only had a brain

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