MAGA cultist clings to front of moving car

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On one hand I’m pretty sure the fellow would get off if the driver gave him more than 2 seconds stopped.

On the other hand I feel like this is an analogy for the whole Republican Party right now.


Maybe he needed a ride to the polls, and the driver didn’t want him in the car.


Dunno. I would be concerned that he would pull a gun out on me.


C’mon Cusack, give the kid his two dollars already!


no no no no no no no no no.

what the fuck was TRUMP doing on the car in the first place? don’t tell me the ass hat didn’t have a chance to disembark. wow.


At one point the car stops, and MAGA lets go. When the driver tries to go around him, MAGA lunges for the car again. So I think he’s making a concerted effort to stay on.

We are headed to the States for a family vacation later this year. I have to admit I feel a bit uncomfortable about it.


I believe we need more of the story. How/why did he end up there in the first place? Also, I seem to agree the driver didn’t give him a chance to get off.


I watched it twice. It looked like the guy was given around a second or so to get off, and he jumped back on when the car started to move. He’s terrified.

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A very long time ago there was a boy who used to chase cars like a dog in my neighborhood.

I’m wondering now if this is the same person.


Brazil came first on this stuff…

CONTEXT: This was during some roadblocks after Lula’s election done by defeated then-president Jair Bolsonaro. This so-called Patriot got on a truck and held himself on it. The video name is translate as Truck Patriot


Shats is the OG of hood riding:


I have a metamour who’s in the process of moving to the USA from Denmark, sometime in the next year. I haven’t met him yet, but I told our mutual partner that this strikes me as moving to Berlin in 1932. If things get really bad, I will encourage the partner to marry him so they can have an easier time getting out of here.


Eh? If I was terrified, I’d move away from the terrifying thing, not jump back on it.

I’m not going to Xitter to watch it.

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You wouldn’t be a 70 year old man, would you?

It’s astounding how much humanity we’re willing to overlook because of a stupid hat. Sure, the guy makes terrible political choices, but there’s something wrong when people miss the frozen terror because of said hat.

What I’m really wondering is: what the hell is wrong with the driver? Why doesn’t he just stop, get out of the car, and ask “what’s going on? ARE YOU OK?”. He most certainly doesn’t not give the guy a decent chance to get off. We just get his self-righteous unempathetic narration of the events.

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That’s not the point I was making.
I feel for the poor sod on the hood of the car, regardless of headwear.

But you pointed out in your last post that he jumped back on, implying that he got off.
That’s the bit I don’t get.
Is that not the case?

(Like I said, not going to Xitter to watch it).

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There’s between 1-2 seconds where the car stops. During that brief moment you see the man start to shift away from the car, but once it starts moving he grabs back on when he’s unable to get away in time.

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Okay, I get the picture now. Thanks for watching the vid. I wasn’t going to.
And the driver is narrating all the time?
Christ, what an asshole.

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I realize this particular Xitter post is from yesterday 1/23 but didn’t this incident happen a while back?

There is a slight pause, but I don’t think it was more than a split second. That old timer probably can’t move that fast. I feel bad for him, tbh.