MAGAs abandon candidate not dedicated enough to Trump

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Please, tell me again why it isn’t a cult.

And also, someone explain to me how, of all people, Trump is the cult leader. I’ll never understand that.


He gave assholes permission to be out, loud, and proud about being assholes. They will literally put their lives on the line if they think their free pass to be cruel is in danger.


I mean, I can see why someone whose job it is to get members of a party elected would not want a candidate in a swing state in a presidential election year who says he’ll refuse to endorse the nominee.

The trouble is that anyone who would endorse Trump is not fit for office.

Edit: Anyone who is still a Republican is unfit for office.

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I really can’t tell you how sick and fucking tired I am of hearing about, seeing, being aware of, etc. this literal fucking waste of space. It is going to be a long 10 months and beyond.

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