Some dedicated and colorful MAGAs

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The way the MAGAts talk about Trump, and the way they confidently ascribe qualities and beliefs to him that he clearly does not possess, talking in a way that makes it clear they’re completely untethered from reality, it actually makes me start to wonder if I’m the crazy one - they’re so sure. Listening to these guys, and the counter-factual assertion that Donald Trump loves his family and is entirely motivated by his love for his country, it’s such an inversion of reality that I finally got to the point where I feel like the only possible rational explanation involves the existence of a second Donald Trump. Because the only way these people could be reasonably talking about “Donald Trump” in that way is if they’re actually talking about a completely different person who happens to share the same name as The Former Guy. Nothing else even begins to make sense. People couldn’t possibly be that disconnected from reality.


I’m going to praise Donald Trump for a second. He has done an excellent job of activating a cult of the aggressively aggrieved!

Whether it was consciously done or not, he has managed to discredit ALL sources of accurate information…the media, the highly educated, impartial sources of scientific information, political leaders, and replaced them all with only one source for reality…him.

Then he somehow convinced them that the world was massed against him and them, and he weaponized their sense of aggressive grievance. Everything he says drives them further from reality.

Sadly, there is no solution for them. They are lost. He must be removed from the public square and sent into isolation, and then they will be allowed to drift into unimportance when he is no longer taking up space and filling their heads with nonsense.




The Bus entrepreneur baffles me.

Not me. I can immediately see why a guy who bungled three businesses with well-understood models and then blamed a distant person who had no particular interest in them for their failures would support Il Douche.

Part of the problem is that they’re too connected to “reality” TV.


I do believe that they are throwing their money into and lending their effort to a lost cause, but I take issue with your assertion that they are being “fleeced”. That seems misleading, as they have clearly and willingly by admission crossed a line. So have a lot of people, unfortunately. They have had every opportunity to seek out, read, and listen to facts, and had lots of time, apparently, but have chosen not to do so or have ignored them. Accordingly, they are not being fleeced because those guys are happily and self-righteously throwing their money into a lost cause, however misguided and misinformed they choose to be. And, I find the little American flags planted in that guy’s red hat quite tacky and lacking in any persuasiveness.

And, while I’m at it, that other guy is not “spreading the gospel”. He is simply a volunteer in the multi-media campaign to misinform others about the history and false promise of Trump’s failed campaigns. Did I miss something here? As much as Trump would like to think bigly of himself, he (with a lowercase ‘h’) is not, was not, and never will be Jesus and his word and/or campaign slogans, thusly, should not be considered the gospel. Maybe, the bus driver is malnourished and hungry, and hopefully, he gets his focus back on food because if we take him at his word, he had something going there for the better part of his career.

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More disingenuous BB BS. Nowhere does Bus Man try to blame Biden for the near-closure of his bus business.

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Sure sounds like he’s blaming Biden for his business woes to me. His exact words were:

"When I talk to people and they say 'well you’re better off now than you were under Trump. Just think about one thing. Not all the other things. I’ve lost three businesses during this bullshit. I had four businesses, I’m down to this business. My bus business. My bus business, during COVID I almost lost my bus business, I lost three other business, I had a restaurant for 25 years, Biden shut that down. Everything three times more expensive.


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