Maggie speaking all week at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Being a former 6-pack resident, I was always jealous of the Allen Hall kids. The A.I.R. program is just one of the reasons…

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@pesco and @frauenfelder have done this program, too. It’s a really cool thing. I’m a little jealous we didn’t have anything like this at my school.

Chicago is a “quick” (2 hours) drive or train ride away. Not that you’re likely to have much free time while you’re at UofI. Let me know if you think you might come up here: I’d be happy to treat you to dinner/coffee/whatever.

Thank you for the invite. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get away. But I will get to Chicago at some point! Promise.


@maggiek, I work in town. Do you have any particular dietary restrictions? There’s some good eating around here for a town this size.

I went to UIUC for grad school and fondly remember some of the restaurants. I was in Krannert all the time and would get gyros from Zorbas for dinner on a regular basis. I heard there was a fire a couple of years ago - did they ever recover? The Red Herring vegetarian restaurant was a nice place for lunch. And I recall that Dos Reales had the best margaritas (or the strongest, at any rate) in town.

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There’s nothing “quick” about a trip to Chicago from UIUC, unless you consider Kankakee part of Chicago…

I used to drive to Mattoon/Charleston from the far north side every weekend. Champaign-Urbana to the south side cuts out about 1/3 of the miles and thus is barely over 2 hours of driving. I suppose “quick” depends on where you’re from and how accustomed to road trips you are.

I don’t go down to campus often (one too many uncomfortable drunken undergrad experiences), but, last I recall, Zorba’s was still existent. I do like the Red Herring, Dos Reales is pretty good. Was downtown worth a damn when you were here? Big Grove Tavern is pretty new, and is totally my go-to spot, I’d go with Cafe Kopi for best cafe around town, and if you are of the meat-eating sort, absolutely must check out Black Dog for barbecue.

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and heck, if you’re around town with some time to burn and feel like grabbing coffee or something with a reader, feel free to drop me a line :smile:

you have my sympathy :wink:


I was a grad student without a car so most of my experience was in the campus area and anywhere I could quickly get to on bike.

Used to go to Panama Red’s on my travels south from Chicago. Have a great time in Illinois,

How long ago (if you don’t mind my asking, of course)?

I finished my MFA back in '05.

and heck, if you’re around town with some time to burn and feel like grabbing coffee or something with a reader, feel free to drop me a line

Not sure how much off-campus time I’m actually going to be able to work in, but I will keep this in mind. And thank you for the invite! (The general public is definitely welcome at the evening talks, too!)

I’m hoping to get to the wednesday one, my week is pretty packed during the evenings. Hope to see you there!

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