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I’m making a “map” right now.


That’s fine, Alaska is better off if it’s left undiscovered.

For example, Montana got discovered by the Californians and it was promptly ruined.


Washington state has an Anti-Trans bathroom bill on the table; just fyi.

Here’s my own version:


I’m currently “living” in Alaska and I’d say that map is very accurate. Also, one of the guys from Penny Arcade made some tourism posters for Alaska. Every one is absolutely accurate and tells of our experience living in Alaska.




That’s an odd place for it. What if the cat knocks it on to the floor?


Maybe it will get chewed up by the dog, which is a fitting end for it.


Please destroy all copies of that map or at least reverse the values. People living in those green states don’t want people from the red states to move west.



So, is this a new tool for people to be dick with each other? :smile:


Is RI white and it just looks grey because of how small it is (and same with HI)?


Gee, tell us how you really feel about Cali.


Makes me wonder what part of the country you live in, if you happen to be a resident.

Of course!

Isn’t everything, these days?



Well, yes, but it’s all in good fun. Give it a try! You have to be able to do better than me.

No, grey is “expensive” but I forgot the label.

Bugs! Zillions of 'em, Mr. Rico, I’m a-burnin 'em down!


Soooo many Crackers in MO… may I never have to move back there.


Cali as in California?
I have been there, nice place.

It was august, and San Francisco was Beautiful but cold…

I live near here

I stand corrected.

I live near here, i always mix those up :grin:

How do they say…
When you are a hammer, the rest of the world looks like sort of hates you.


Ah! Yes, expensive! To be fair, that could also describe lots of other places on the map… [quote=“TobinL, post:15, topic:78946, full:true”]
Soooo many Crackers in MO… may I never have to move back there.


Yes, as in California.

It really is, although it often gets a bad rap; and I say that as a resident who is not a native.

Number one rule about SF; always bring a jacket, even if the weather seems scorching at the time, because it won’t last.

That’s very cool, but I was actually addressing Medievalist.


Well, hey, two answers for the price of one, right?

@Zaphod, do a Europe map for us!