Make smoked ice-cream by putting cream in a smoker

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Smoked Ice Cream? It’s a thing?

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Honest question: would this really be any different from adding good-quality liquid smoke?

I know most foodies recoil in horror from the idea of liquid smoke, but this cream is just a liquid that has been sitting in smoke, and (good) liquid smoke is just smoky steam that has condensed. In both cases you’re just getting a bunch of smoke particles in suspension in your liquid.

Could a chemist really tell after the fact whether this was made in a smoker or with liquid smoke?

8 Likes tested a recipe for smoked ice, and they did a taste comparison with liquid smoke. Their preference goes to the home smoked ice. I would guess the difference may come from the fact that liquid smoke is an industrial product, whose production process is tuned for maximum efficiency and reproducibility over taste.

Anyway, I would use smoked cream to make bacon ice cream.


I like to think of myself as an adventurous diner, but this sounds so horrible. Ice-creosote! Mmmm!

it most definitely is a thing, and a good thing. i made a smoked cardamom-vanilla ice cream last summer that was mind-blowing.


Several years ago I went to a Science of Beer night at a local science center. One of the exhibits was using liquid nitrogen to make a dark ale into “ice cream”. I think a standard ice cream recipe using the ale as a flavoring would be just as good, if not better, but what was interesting is it brought out a smoky quality that is easily missed in the liquid form.

This could double the smoky quality which I think would make it even better.

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