Make taser-proof clothing with carbon-fiber linings


But when the taser doesn’t work, the cops usually get out their guns…


But it won’t help people doing the classic stark naked bath salts rampage.


When tailoring your bespoke Taser-proof jacket, please be sure that your carbon fiber fabric is actually carbon fiber, not “Content : 100% PVC” like the upholstery fabric in the 3rd link.


So does this mean my car hood is taser-proof too?

(theoretically if I had the money to afford a carbon fiber hood)

That’s why I wear one of these. Oh, wait…


The part about the taser not working even if it penetrates the carbon fiber and skins is dubious. Carbon fiber is a good thermal conductor but does not conduct electricity (to be exact it’s a very poor conductor, ie it has high resistivity). For it to work as described the carbon fiber lining would have to have lower resistivity than the taser prongs, and part of the fiber would need to be grounded by running it continously to one’s feet and out through the soles of the shoes.
Boingboing is better than this.

No, It would need to be a better conductor than the skin and flesh.


I had assumed it would be a poor conductor, as well, but some cursory Googling suggests quite the opposite.

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Indeed, this seems like the facts need checked with more rigor. I’m quite suspicious of the claims made here.

salts = electrolytes. If they can tase you, you’re just not high and sweaty enough…

Just as an observation, the “circuit” made that the electricity in a Tomas Alva Swift Electric Rifle, as implemente dtoday, uses two wires between the rifle and the subject to provide a complete circuit. It does not use a link to the ground, or I assure you very few police officers would ever fire one a second time.

Additionally the “charge” is a high voltage, high frequency signal that is intended to cause the human nervous system to become less effective at the area applied. The problem with this, in the situation of a carbon fiber lined piece of clothing is that the carbon fiber provides a ‘skin effect’ conductor for the signal, which it will follow in preference to the effect that the barbs in the skin will provide.

That said, the two remaining problems are that you’ve got two metal barbs stuck into your skin with wires dangling off of them running back to the police officer, who’s likely to be somewhat distressed that you are not being affected by the high voltage, high frequency (low current) signal being sent down the wires, and is likely to switch to something less likely to be ‘less than lethal’ in attempting to arrest you.

Hopefully your acting skills are up to the task of leaving the officer with the impression that his or her Tomas Alva Swift Electric Rifle, is being effective on you.


I just have gold thread woven into all of the items in my wardrobe. The power from the taser is shunted to an array of small high quality speakers that are built into my belt – the sound emitted is the FBI’s rabbit scream.
A pleasant side effect of the thread is that it seems to make my earbuds sound much better.


SEEMS to. You know you’re just buying into that hi-fi snake oil, doncha?


Oh, Michael Faraday, you’re the Nikola Tesla of electricity.


The fact that the photo shows it being demonstrated with a stun gun and not a TASER kinda makes me twitch. (But then again, so do stun guns, so there’s that.)


But people in bespoke jackets generally don’t get tazed. Why didn’t they put this in a hoodie?


It’s for Bond obviously.


I trust you buy your wardrobe from Monster Cables…

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But it’d almost be worth it to see their expressions. Especially if you say “you have to have faith for that to work on me!”