Make your own Spa Lady Cheese Ball




So dissapoint…
I guess that Google image search is getting too good – was curious to see if it would match up with some real faces, but it only turned up more pics of the cheese ball.


What’s the green? Looks like guacamole, but I can’t seem to find where they say so. They do warn that the crackers will break. That’s a risk one always runs with a cheese ball. There are two alternatives: either make the entire thing out of guacamole or enjoy the deep satisfaction of gouging Spa Lady’s face with a knife which you then use to spread her desiccated flesh onto a cracker.

I’m sure even Hannibal Lecter would agree that everything’s better on a Ritz.


How about a Spa Lady Gaga cheese ball?



Hmmm, sounds like the perfect snack for Horror Movie night. Maybe some hot sauce- or ketchup-filled holes in the cheese layer for extra authenticity?



Ah, dessert!


That’s even better than the gelatin brain I brought to work one year on Halloween.

Every time I see fake blood it reminds me of a story one of the special effects guys told about the filming of Conan The Barbarian. At one point it was so cold on the set that the fake blood was freezing, so they started making it with vodka. Then the problem was they had to get the cast to stop drinking it.


I’m totally doin’ this with chopped liver on Passover


The green stuff is guacamole, although the linked recipe does say that you can substitute avocado puree. Not sure if using guac alone would mold correctly the same way that the cheese does.

I do like the idea of having some kind of red hot sauce inside that could spurt out for when you stab the face with the knife.


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