Making an espresso machine from a (thoroughly scrubbed) motorbike piston


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This is fine. But do not use old car radiators to distill moonshine.


Now that is making! Old stuff remade into something cool and espresso as well.


And it still gets your motor running!


I’m not a coffee drinker, but wouldn’t the aluminum and cooling fins cool the hot water too much so you don’t get optimal extraction?

Obviously, you’d have to preheat the cylinder first :slight_smile:


This video is complete bullshit. Love the concept, but it’s nonsense.


nothing about this rig will lead to “optimal extraction”, the cooling fins are the least of the problems with this.


Can you clarify, please?


And heading out on the highway


Where you’ll look for adventure.


And whatever comes your way


Yeah, darlin’
Gonna make it happen


Why is it scrubbed? Espresso needs that tang of gasoline.


Drink all of our shots at once and explode into space!


Pistonized espresso is best espresso. Doesn’t extract the caffeine like other methods.


I see what you did there. And I like it.

Update: What @TobinL did there was part of a group effort. Tip of the hat to @timmh for pointing this out.

Update 2: Changed “culmination of” to “part of”, because the effort continues (@TobinL: “BORN TO BE WIRED” indeed.)




A group effort.




I don’t know if @GulliverFoyle was thinking of the song, but I certainly was in my reply :smiley: