Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

I’m in the late planning stages of building some shelves in our dinning room/library. Plans are done, lists are made, cut diagrams for the plywood are done.
Next I need to set up for painting- which is tough, since it’s currently 19F here and the paint I’m using needs 50F minimum, so I’m building a paint booth in the basement utility room. Once that is done, work can properly start.
I’ve been doing more mending of clothing too- a bunch of machine darning, and just yesterday I hand darned some wool socks- though, now that I’ve done it, I’d rather have fixed them via felting but I a) didn’t have any wool and b) didn’t have any felting needles, so… yeah. I’ll need to get some of both of those things, as I will surely have more socks to fix sooner rather than later.
To go on the (to-be-made) shelves, I’m putting a 1972-era stereo. That means some silver-faced amp/tuner and a record player, but also some lovely vintage KLH speakers. These are such beauties, honestly- the walnut on them is awesome. But the tweeter is missing on one, and finding working vintage tweeters for these is both expensive and leaves them prone to failure- so: I finally found a contemporary replacement that’s designed to match, so two of those got ordered. BUT the mount hole they need is smaller than the original, so I’ll need to measure & make a wooden spacer and get that installed. In the meantime, I cleaned the walnut exterior, gave it a light 600 grit sanding, and two coats of oil and god damn do they look good. I also need to re-cover the fabric covers- the old fabric is ghastly, and a nice cream/beige would looks so. damn. classy.
That is (I think) the current list.


Monochrome! I went back to film to strip out a lot of the decisions. Square format, monochrome, one 85mm lens, it’s all helped with composition and figuring out what story to tell.

I don’t even think I’ve sent a roll of color through it…


The sky sort of reminds me of a van goth painting. Don’t know if thats what your going for. Looks good though.

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I’ve always liked shorter lenses more- I’ve got a 40 I’m smitten with.

Square format? Are you shooting 120?

Yeah, I used a Kowa for a while but it was really frustrating, the build quality just wasn’t high enough, and as I started to wane on 120 a friend of mine was giving up his 500 C/M and I love it. He just wanted it to get used and I offer to let him run it when he comes to New York. :slight_smile:

Damn. Rough life shooting a Hassy.

I keep meaning to borrow my dad’s Bronica- I’ve just got too many of my own cameras (and too many other projects going in general).
This morning I just started to take apart a Konica C35 Automatic who’s meter wasn’t working- I’m guessing it’s a dead connection from the battery to the eye, but I won’t know until I get a bit deeper in…
120 is fun- I’ve got the stuff to develop it too, but so. little. time.

Okay. I’ve been on the road for about 50 days, from Austin heading to the border near San Diego by bicycle with my paints and camping gear. As of this writing, I’m in Benson, Arizona, planning to cut over to interstate 8 after Tucson near Casa Grande, and try to make it to the coast.

I can’t hook my smartphone to the desktop computers, but there are a couple more paintings up at my Instagram - kellyhicksscreenkiss - that I did for a rancher out in west Texas. One of his dog that passed away the weekend I showed up, and two more of his cattle out on his ranch property next to the Rio Grande river.

This is the first time I’ve attempted miniatures. Original size is 6"X8". Surprising how it takes almost as much time as a full-sized painting.

Not sure when I’ll have time to post again, but any new paintings will show up on my Instagram account.


Mashed up this as a 3D model (which is online) and then hollowed it out (less material) and had print it in powdered stainless steal, which they then polished. Arrived today.

This is a little over two inches tall.

I should be clear. The mashup model that I link to is one that I made. I didn’t do the original modeling of the Buddha or the Stormtrooper Helmet though.

When I am dead, this little statue will live on.


You peeps are off. The. Hook.

Geez, I’m gonna have two days of downtime soon, what the hell am I gonna make?


Thanksmutating Dinner.


some cookies?


Hey, turn those over please, I wanna see the butt.


Most recent piece I’ve put together.


Wow! I love it! Do you sell those or are they just for you?


That is awesome.


I’ve got an etsy shop, that one’s currently for sale. I have really resist the urge to keep too many of my pieces. If I see this pendant again I might end up making something similar for me.

My big project for me right now is a scale maille top. I’ve been putting off some math I need to do before the next bit.


While this is a hat, I’m not counting it as try seven. I’m counting it as a fork of … try four?

I’m upstreaming lessons learned in five and six. And this spiffy invisible cable cast on which is so lovely I want to redo every project I’ve knit to date. :rabbit2:


Hey, where’d my kitchen go?

The remodel has officially started. The electrician is coming this weekend. Other than the countertops, it’s the only work we’re hiring out.


Wow… that is indeed a project!
Stay warm.

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Not pictured: the wood stove roaring away behind me. :wink:

The baseboards are coming out this weekend at the latest. We’re installing in-floor heating, but the kitchen is open to the living room, so these registers rarely do anything more than collect cat hair.