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I’m circling back to the projection idea I had a little while back for larger paintings…

I’ve found a few tutorials from makers who have made projectors from recycled materials and other junk, you only need the lens.

Does anyone possibly have an old, broken projector they don’t need or want anymore? Filmstrip, carousel, I don’t think it really matters just as long as the lens is intact. All I want is to be able to enlarge my base drawings into larger paintings. I don’t even need the projector, only the lens if it makes it easier to mail.

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I suspect you can source something locally cheaper than shipping from Delaware ;(

Edit: but nonetheless I will look through my junk pile for lenses!


Gift for a friend who is a stargate super fan. Maple with walnut and osage inlay.


I imagine I could…but would they be arsed to post the stuff on the internet? I too, am looking around on Craigslist and places like that, just in case.


Yuki needed a dress for the tea party


Love the dainty embroidery!


Special stich machines are awesome! I could never have done anything that dainty by hand. Or at least, not in 15 minutes


Very nice inlay work! :+1:


Thank you. Ive been obsessed with doing inlay boards lately. Some fail catastrophically, others work perfectly. For an exact science…its often not an exact science.

But I also do non inlay boards too. Was donated some random teak so I put this together.

11x18x2 came out so beautiful I had to keep for my self. If you are a fan of wood grain, please do zoom in and enjoy the beauty in this tight grain.


Excuse my ignorance, but are you saying the stargate details in the darker tone are actually carved wood and laid in (inlaid?) into the lighter wood?


they are indeed! Here are some bts shots


Thanks so much for the process shots, that is extremely cool! TILAAEM (Today I Learned, And Appreciate Even More)


I have such a respect for hickory. Back when I worked construction, I was working on a post and beam house with 6*6 hickory posts. We used to just pound a nail into studs to hang our work belt or whatever up during the day, and I recall trying 3 times to pound a 16 penny nail into one of those hickory posts, only to have the nail bend cartoonishly into a 90 degree angle each time.

I Can Relate Me Too GIF by Your Happy Workplace


That project i was splitting boards for?

This is where it is. I started with an old TV cabinet we found. It was in bad shape and took a lot of restoration, then i added shelves, a back and a front. All that’s left is to make doors (the panels are in clamps now) and pick hardware. That’s the hardest part for me. I wouldn’t normally stain hickory, but it started with walnut, and i just went with that.


I recreated from scratch the first graphic adventure game, Mystery House for the Apple 2, for the modern fantasy console, Pico-8.

All graphics were redrawn for the low-resolution of the Pico-8 using a bespoke graphics tool made for this project. I call that Versawriter-8, in honor of the Versawriter used by Ken and Roberta Williams when making the original. In short, I completely submerged myself into the process of building Mystery House, trying to implement things in such a way as to be truthful to the techniques available to the Williams’s.



As this aims to be a bug accurate remake, I have tried to implement the game in such a way that the same bugs will manifest for the same reasons. (i.e. I don’t want to simulate the bugs, I want them to be “true” bugs). I am mostly successful with this with a couple of small lingering issues yet to resolve.

At any rate, I think the Boing Boing community is receptive to projects such as this, so I thought I’d share.


This is just amazing. I respect your dedication. No /s.


Sunday afternoon, time to sort and organize the fasteners.


I bought some divided cases to finally do this, but I can’t bring myself to sit down and do it. but I have been sorting all the random hardware I accumulate into those cases since buying them. so there’s that.


I did a bunch of little projects around the house, but these two are somewhat interesting

this is my Nightcrawler figure.

after about 30 years of ownership I was moving his arm and the blade of the sword fell off of the handle. it was thinner than my smallest drill bit so all I could think to do was put a straight pin in my drill and drill it out just by the heat of the friction melting a hole. it worked!
the above picture is after the repair. I didn’t take before pics but in the below pic I pulled the pin out a little so you can see.

my drill wouldn’t clamp something that thin so all I could think to do was shove thin strips of bike inner tube against the three clamps in the drill chuck, then put the needle in with the pin head snipped off and torqued the fuck out of it. it also worked! I drilled out the blade, then drilled out the handle, then drilled back into the blade, unclamped the chuck, filed a point onto the blunt end of the needle and stuck it in the handle. it stays in fine just with friction.

I also made a frame on casters so I can use my DJ rig in my incredibly small apartment and then wheel it out of the way when I’m not using it


I recommend a good audiobook or podcast and drink of your choice. Or a friend to help pass the time. If you don’t have too much, do it in the living room while watching a movie. This is what I do when the Legos get out of control. Or the laundry