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Nice project, @MrShiv - I can see what you meant about it being tough to drill the angles correctly, but it looks like you nailed it. What was your technique?


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I like that look too (hog panels) – I really prefer the visibility & general lightness of these wire-based options over the usual wood pickets. I briefly considered hog panels, but rejected them because they would require framing.

I also thought about using painted rebar (as either rails or pickets) for its industrial aesthetic, but was stymied by how to install it practically.

Noah will probably laugh at this, but it was basically guided eyeballing. I marked every 6.5" down from the top rails (the wood part) on either side of the post showing where the ends of the “tunnels” should fall. Then I drew a line on the side of the post connecting those heights. I clamped a straightedge against that line, and used the straightedge to aim the drill. My spouse helped with two extra eyeballs. Still, I missed twice. I’ll fill the bad holes with caulk.


yeah, wire rails are great, yours look really good.


No questionable large hot tub on that deck?

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I’ve been working on this project on and off for like a year.

I got this table from off the curb, put it on my deck and the rain swole the fiber board and the laminate separated

I removed the laminate tops and sanded the table tops flat but where the fibers swole, they sponged up water below and pot-holed the surface . you can sort of see it here on the edge, but I already filled in the holes with bondo.

several applications of bondo to fill holes and then level the surface

smooth surfaces

now prime and paint them and the armature which was teal also. then a clear coat on the tops

while I had the paint out, I painted these speakers which had white primer on them but it was attracting smudges and marks

you can see the hideous fake wood grain that they came with here:


in case anyone missed this on the main page:


Our daughter was over for her birthday, she wants to go full hipster for their fall trip to Disney.

She asked if I still had any film cameras.

Do I have film cameras?

She has a degree in photography because many moons ago we were going to start a photography business so she knows how to use them.

I said the 1950 Kodak Retina Reflex was the winner but she went home with the very capable Nikon 6006. A favorite and old friend of mine. And an old 126 cartridge camera. Apparently you can still buy cartridge film and she has a camera shop that still develops in house right down the street from her.

This was a sample of what I offered her. The oldest is the 1917 Kodak Autographic.

This guy washed up after that last giant storm that blew through Michigan, I asked my neighbor to change it from a trumpeter (black bill) to a mute swan(orange bill).


This reminds me. I managed to score my dad’s Canon film camera he used extensively in the 80’s and 90’s, i really want to take it to a camera shop to have them take a look at it and service it.