Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

Klimt-inspired Kintsugi with glass fusion…


And you were working with studs all weekend.


While researching my next project, I found out that there are lots of different styles of handbags and that there’s a handbag museum: Simone Handbag Museum


Just finished a scarf that I’ve been working on since March.

I got the yarn for free from someone who was clearing out her stash. I love the yarn color and how it turned out, but I may not be able to wear it. The yarn’s 100% wool, and might be a little too itchy-scratchy for my silly neck.

Here’s the pattern, in case you’re wondering!


Maybe stitch a silky polyester lining on the underside?


Every year in late Spring I help my wife’s 4th grade class make a short stop-motion animated film. Last week we did “Animals of the 50 States.” Sorry to any who were left out, there were only 34 students.


In case you didn’t see, because I don’t usually read BBS only posts either, and technically I only “made” a hat band (but put together prop guns, and had parts made for me) - I made a Shadow costume. It was fun. Now it needs dry cleaned…

Wait, is that the students actually singing?! Either way, arts are such an important part of a good education, and recently they seem to have been left behind in our testing focused schools so it’s great to see a creative class art project that also teaches skills like stop motion. Cool video!


Yep, that was them. Basically the whole thing was just shot and recorded on an iPad.


That is adorable!!!

In my never-ending list of home improvements, I’ve made some more progress on some basement storage. This is a much cruder setup than my previous shelves- they’re supposed to (vaguely) channel Tom Sachs, and so plywood was the order of the day. And if I’m going to keep making stuff like this, I’m going to need a table saw. Just saying.

There’s a bunch more fickle tidying to do, and I’m sure I’ll be hacking/reworking/redoing it for the foreseeable future. Regardless, it’s one more thing ticked off the list.
And no, that’s not all the cameras. And yes, that wiring needs to by reworked so it’s not a sloppy mess. And so on.


What is in all the metal drawers?

Small parts storage, mostly.
Left two red units hold a weird collection of stuff- locks (and lock picks), mix tapes, small c-clamps, etc etc. The right two grey ones hold fly tying materials- fur, hair, feathers, beads, thread, etc etc.
Not the most exciting collection, but that’s why it’s in the basement.


A colleague showed an interest in my old DOS tutorial so I’ve spent some time expanding on it. Just started writing a section on using pipes, added the FIND command, and made things prettier. Not sure if anyone here would find it interesting / useful but if I get it nice enough, I’ll release it under CC BY-ND or something.


Some day I want something like that were I can open a drawer and show off my rock collection. I was thinking those cheap drawer tool chests might work from Harbor Freight.

It’s officially summer break, so I get to spend some big chunks of time bein’ crafty. Yesterday, I embroidered parts of my purse:

I also dyed an old shirt and a t-shirt and need to add embroidery to the former and freezer-paper stenciling to the latter. More on those when they’re done.


The Field Museum (in Chicago, naturally!) has excellent specimen drawers of all types, depending on the item. Since rocks don’t deteriorate the way dead animals do, they’re kept in open drawers:


Mine are just IKEA:
About $40 each. All metal, so pretty ok in that way. No ball-bearing extension slides or anything fancy like that.
I suspect with some thin craft foam and whatnot you could make pretty nice specimen drawers out of them.

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Taking the week off work in hopes of putting the engine into this by Memorial day.