Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

Haha. Ok you win the internets today.


It was a toss-up whether I should respond to that comment or your follow-up about “I’d like to be able to open my drawers and show off my rock collection.”


Just finished some knitting:

It’s the Barley Hat from Tin Can Knits. The yarn is Everyday Soft Worsted, a surprisingly nice acrylic. I’m donating the hat to Halos of Hope, and I’m hoping to finish at least five more hats for them before the end of my summer break.


As someone who appreciated getting my own hat once upon a time (nothing like chemo during the winter in Chicago), I thank you personally! Honestly, my hat wasn’t anywhere near as well made or pretty as yours.


Awwww, you are welcome and thank you! I feel like it’s the least I can do to help people who are going through some horrible stuff.


And today, I made a log:

Our non-operational fireplace needed a placeholder, and I had this fabric in my stash, so it seemed like a good idea. No pattern used - I just winged it. I sewed a few darts lengthwise and widthwise and cut the end circles imperfectly, so it wouldn’t end up just being a plain cylinder.

I forgot to measure the fireplace before cutting out the fabric, so I was pleased to find that it fit!


I like to make stuff- I suppose that’s why I post to this thread and all.
This one isn’t an improvement to my house or something useful- it’s what I’m going to call an “impossible artifact.”
Imagine that Apollo era NASA decided to send a set of brass knuckles to the moon on a mission. What might those look like? What if I had to make something like that?
So: ceramic “brass” knuckles, with a 3/8" hex head wrench included. They split a bit during drying, so they’re drilled and wired as well. All the red text is embossed into the clay freehand, and they’ve been “downrated” to “Class III” and thus aren’t currently approved for flight.
They’ll likely get a simple paracord lanyard in the future, too- you wouldn’t want these floating off on you. They’re weird and they’re mine.
I think I’ve maybe been listening to Adam Savage and Tom Sachs a little too much, as this seems like the sort of thing that’d come out of one of their created universes.


While part of me appreciates this, and other part wonders why you didn’t just go get some logs or drift wood to decorate it?

I got mine off craigslist for a song. I highly recommend the new portable contractor saws, they’re really light and easy to store away.

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That would cost actual money! Whereas the log I made was already paid for, since I had all the ingredients in my stash. Plus I like makin’ stuff.


o_0 logs are free on the ground… Drift wood is harder to find if you’re not near a lake.

Wait - are you in a desert? I guess they don’t have a lot of logs in the desert…

I live in suburbia. The only logs around have price tags on 'em.


Me too, but the woods aren’t that far away. Go geocaching while you are out.

“Woods”? What’s that?

It’s where bears poop.


I like it! Just the right amount of fake and whimsy.

I would be tempted to get a pi or an old laptop and a thrift store monitor with a looping fire video. Getting enough power to the set up would be the main problem. I wonder how long that set up would run off of a cheapo car battery?


If I did that, I would use this video which is looped for like 5 hrs.


I threw together a quick bit of javascript to roll six dice at one time … labelled alpha through foxtrot. Labeling being the important part. :laughing: So now I can run a forum RPG. The people playing just pick one of the letters, I refresh, and hurrah! Number. Partly picked by participants. :smiley:


Kintsugi with alcohol ink

And chalk paint with glass fusion


How’d you manage the kintsugi with alcohol ink? Is it just super-fragile, or are you using something else for adhesion?
I’ve been meaning/wanting to try a modern version with metal powder and epoxy…