Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?


I never asked to be taught to weld until I was nearly 30. And my Dad is a wizard with metal. He just figured I would ask when I was really interested. When I finally got challenged, I got really good in just a few years. I can now do high tensile steel and exotic metals, and even microwelding. It is a great skill to have, and I could have asked more questions when I was eight or so.


6 days until con … I guess I should start sewing.


Which con are you referring to?


Emerald City Comicon! I’m going as General Organa. Carrie Fisher was going to be a featured guest. People have asked that the con leave her table up so people can leave tributes.


Nice! There’s entirety to many cons going on right now. :astonished:


My fish candleholder turned out better than I thought it would but I wish I’d left more open spaces.


When I was a teenager, my dad bought a full-sized lathe and put it in the garage. It’s one of my big regrets that I never learned to use it – I was finding it hard enough to keep up with my studies and couldn’t take on another hobby.


You just can’t dwell on that sort of thing. I will tell you my biggest one. We always had small aircraft when I was growing up. I was sitting in the copilot’s seat from the age of six or so. When I was 12, my Dad offered to get me flight certification. I had just discovered sailing, and all I wanted to do was sail. I was just too busy to spend all that time studying. Just dumb on my part. But I learned from it. I don’t ask my kids if they want to learn something, I just grab them and put them to work. As a kid, you never think that the window of opportunity to learn something is finite.


A few weeks ago a box arrived with some glass and some copper foil. This weekend I got some more lumber.

Now I’m making stained glass doors for the cabinet. A coat of paint and three more and we’ll be right as rain.


Three more, yo! It’s like it’s some kind of cabinet factory in my basement.


And here it is on its inaugural flight.


Can there really be too many cons?
(NFI what I’m wearing to Cleveland Concoction next weekend. I’m doing 2 panels and a workshop with my daughter, but I really want to dress up, not just wear our org’s T-shirt.)


General Organa is hitting the con today.


For anyone interested, I started a Topic on the BB 3.0 stuff!


At long, long last: the rando-style front rack and basket for kid #1’s bike is done. Just in time to make another for kid #2.


Great pic ! ! FLASHBACKS !


This is not really “making” but I’ve been building a ton of flat-pack furniture since I moved. I now have a place for my vintage hats and weird purses:

The floppy hats took up too much room until I hit upon the idea of a second curtain rod with ring clips. Now they don’t fall off the wall!


I’m taking a week off from building furniture now that this console is done.

The window seats are going to be for another day.


When I’m not composing or working on translations, what I do to relax:

Edit: This one is called “Construction in Plastic, Concrete and Light”.


Deckles and moulds today. Scrap picture frames, reclaimed latches, bit of flyscreen and some weatherstrip. :smiley: