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Sort of. 30K foot overview is Win isn’t a big fan of ARM processors, so WiNE is fairly flaky on a Pi. There is an emulator, but it’s Russian and licensed, so no available source code. Which means not in this house.

IF one is going to get wine on pi, it should probably be either a rosé or white, probably sweeter than dry, and bubbles never hurt.



She was the last thing I saw on that show. I’m a little traumatized.


Lace-up jeans for a man? :thinking:


Lace up all the things! (I’m not sure what party the Justin Trudeau lookalike is supposed to be in at the end)


Maybe I’m missing something in this conversation but you can install Windows on the Pi now.


That middle shirt I had, without the belt, in an oatmeal color. All the rage in the early 1970s, I assure you!

At least I wouldn’t have to worry about undoing it to use the bathroom.


Thanks! That’s great to know. I generally don’t keep up with Windev at all, just because we don’t have many win devices. We spent a few weeks fighting Wine on Pi with a Pi2 and got it to flakey, then gave up.

Thanks very much – you’ve just made a project go a lot faster.


I appreciate the sentiment. And the purpose of that actually has something to do with why I was complaining. But I don’t think I’m fashion-forward enough to go with a lace-up fly. I drink a lot of beer and that would be quite inconvenient.


You need to talk with LBJ’s tailor then.

ETA: I like how Men in Belted Sweaters was an actual magazine that you paid money to read, and that came out in more than one edition.



Let’s stay on topic, shall we?


Ok this photo might not be very exiting to anyone but me. Sorry.

This is a grove of maple bonsai trees that I am growing. They were in three different pots until 2 weeks ago, but my dad bought me the wonderful tray so I could make a grove. They are one to three year old trees from seeds from the huge trees behind the pot. In a couple of weeks I’m going to cut them dramatically so that they branch and become more stout. I am so nervous. Dad said that I had to be brave, because bonsai is kind of like directed tree torture. They will end up less than half that tall. And in 10 or 20 years it’s going to be really impressive. I hope the little ones get the kind of character the old ones have.


Two more pussyhats:


Youngest son and I have just finished our latest model rocket. Although it was meant to be the largest size I could launch without any restrictions, I’ve discovered that because it’s made of PVC and fibreglass it no longer qualifies as “low power”. So now I have to get certified, which is ok, but it means jointing a club and waiting for an official flight day, meaning right now I have some G sized rocket motors burning a hole in my pocket.*

*not literally


I’m embroiderin’.


And…who made the table? (Me likey!)


Thanks! That was me - Mexican tiles on plywood and and some one inch steel L bar for the frame (and a father who’s spent. much of the last fifty years trying to teach me to weld). A few photos from the build are here:


Lucky you! I’m a crappy welder, wish I’d had a teacher. I’m much better with a brazing torch.

Nice pillow too.


New, rather compact chorale prelude. Got another couple in the works, plus several movements towards a harpsichord sonata.


Columbia Minerva was a knitting pattern publisher, and they couldn’t be escaped in the 70’s and 80’s. I probably inherited a few “gems” from Grandma, but buried them in the “nope” pile.