Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?


I starred you at Jez, so here’s a heart, too! Nice work!


I finished several fictional maps, built a book cover, have fought with snarled yarn and turned a lazy Susan into a yarn swift so I don’t have the last problem again. Next week, I’m releasing a free, extended preview of my first novel, because my publishing record is all academic, and I have almost no talent for short stories.


Hah yeah I’m ridiculously proud of this and have been posting it everywhere :blush: . My new bedroom is a weird shape, the “square” where our bed is and then a long rectangle that goes to my closet. It was kind of wasted space, but I’ve made it into a dressing area for myself. Mr. Bells has his own not-quite-walk-in closet for his.

And … $2/each wig stands to complete the display:


I made cheese! no, not cut cheese, made cheese! Only a little left


Pics or it didn’t happen! :wink:


Apparently it didn’t happen. My husband informs me that he ate the last with lunch.

But fair is fair! I’ll make more this weekend


What type did you make? Knowing myself, with where my internet searches have been taking me, this will be my next project.


Ricotta. And pumpkin-potato soup with the whey. Let me know if you want recipes or anything


Thanks, that’s very kind. I’ve been making yogurt and straining it into “cheese” for a while now, but thought I might try a few fresh cheeses before moving into something I could age for a bit.


Why yes, it is the beginnings of a window seat to tie the bookshelves together with the console, how did you guess?

Tune in next week for when I get access to a laser cutter to make custom receptacle covers!


I have been creating an online course Introduction to Yoga: A Spiritual Approach and I’m giving a sneak peek of it tomorrow at 12:30 pm EST. Here’s the link to the event registration if anyone is interested in seeing what I’m working on. You’ll also get to see me presenting and learn a little about what I do for my hardcore hobby; hopefully soon full time business.


Another pussyhat


I wish I could have seen that. If you do another, please let us know, it looks very interesting!


I will do another in a couple of weeks. I’ll post the link. I also have a replay of the demo up on YouTube. I’ll post in a bit. The women who came were really advanced yoga teachers so it was not the right audience but it stilll helped me to try out the material and see where it needs work and when I watched on replay, I thought it was a better demo than I thought while I was in the middle of it.


Here’s the replay and the links and codes are in the description if you are anyone you know is interested.


I recently cleared out a bin of fabric scraps - it was full of bits I just couldn’t throw out, figuring I’d eventually use 'em for something-or-other. So I stacked up fabrics groups of scraps I thought might be interesting together.

I thought I’d start sewing 'em to each other, and I can use the patchwork pieces in other projects.

Three down, a few dozen more to go!

It’s good practice, in any case.


That’s a great idea. I should do this too.


And: I dare you to do it!


…looks at the towering slopes of Mt. Offcut and sees three tiny figures scaling it muttering something about having to throw something in the Poplin of Doom…

I’ll get right on that. Real Soon.


Starting yet another motorcycle restoration. Frame stripped and degreased, ready to begin tube straightening and working on the geometry of the sidecar mount.