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I’d need another 50lbs draw weight and some bodkin point arrows to be effective against those guys. I’d also have to be considerably stronger than I am now, but it’s something to work towards. In the meantime, styrofoam targets are absolutely terrified of me.


While it has two speakers and the booklet implies stereo, it’s mono. I thought maybe they goofed on the speaker wiring, but the chip matches a mono NS8002 rather than a TSA2822. Ah well, the risks of re-purposing cheap stuff from Dollarama. Mono works in this application, but I could have used stereo amps elsewhere.


Work in progress:

Should make a pretty nifty looking bowl once it’s done. Gonna slice about an inch off one end and make that into a lid.


That’s gorgeous! Is the draw limited to 28"? I’m not huge, but bows with a draw that short are pretty much unusable for me.


Forgot I promised to post the results back in June.

34 panels, 36 microinverters, some racking… at a cost of two 16-hour days of hard labor on the (somewhat treacherous) roof of a burned-out building.


I don’t draw much or often, but I am pleased with this.


Thank you!

It’s customary for bowyers to report draw weight at 28" since 28" is the average draw length for an adult using the standard anchor points. My friend Sean draws 33"; his arrows look impossibly long.

That bow could probably be drawn to 30" if it were backed with rawhide- figure another 2# per inch, so it would weigh around 50# at 30". Beyond 30" it would probably start to stack pretty badly and the lower limb would be in danger of failure.

62" is on the short side for a longbow, but that’s what that stave could do. The rule of thumb is to match the bow’s nock to nock length to the archer’s armspan. Longer bows accommodate longer draw lengths without stacking or overstressing the limbs.