Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?


She seems like a keeper, that one!


She is very much a keeper, although I had misplaced her for 25 years between high school and our first date. I won’t be making that mistake again.


Oh, that sounds like a sweet story! My mother’s second husband was sort of like that. I still regret not getting them to story corp before he passed away.

Congrats on having found a keeper who was there all along!


Sydney Bluegum.


I should probably figure out how to dispose of these at some point, or I’m going to be buried in bowls…


Have you tried approaching any gift shops or boutiques?

I mean seriously, I’m not a sculpture expert, but many of them look like something you’d see on an end table or shelf in a store where they try to sell me a simple cube construction couch for 15k.


Made a skirt for the new season of Doctor Who. Which doesn’t have the newest Doctor because I bought this fabric like a year and a half ago. :doh:


I just can’t resist adding to it… But I think it’s finally done.


Cypress pot with a redgum knob.


Does anyone here have any experience selling craft via Etsy or similar?


My kid wants to make swords, so we started by making a gas forge and a 2x72 belt sander, which seem to be the basic required tools. I already have a coal forge, but it is not ideal for our purposes. I did the gas plumbing on the forge today-

I was able to use stainless tubing and fittings. I still need to make the doors, and plan to line the forge with 2" of ceramic fabric. The whole thing is overbuilt, with the steel body being 3/4" thick. But I am using what is laying around.
The sander is just starting to come together. I turned the wheels on the lathe, and everything is made from scrap aluminum and stainless I have in the shop.

Right now, I am working on the tool rest and a hollow grinding fixture. But the sander is evolving, rather than being built from a well thought-out design
But I am making good progress, and the weather is nice.


…made me think of this:


Nice big lump of spalted yellow bloodwood, two days of work…and then I shaved it too thin, resulting in an irreparable blowout.



Can’t you fill the gap with something interesting, then re-turn it?


The surrounding material is paper thin; it’s too weak to support a patch unless I drown the whole thing in resin and rebuild it from scratch.


Unfortunate, that. Do you do anything to stabilize the knots before turning?


The knots had some cavities that were filled with glue.

The problem was:

  1. I cut the walls a bit thinner than I should have, and

  2. The spalted nature of the wood created some rough spots which required more sanding than usual, and this extended sanding turned the already-thin walls into the paper-thin problem. It blew out during the sanding rather than the cutting.


Work in progress:


It crossed my mind…

What do you do with waste material? Wood-burning stove? Recycling? Building blocks? Lincoln Logs?


The best scraps get glued together into blocks for turning; you can see some of that upthread. Dodgier scraps get used for firewood.

Wood shavings get used in the garden, sawdust just goes into the bin with the garden waste. You could convert the dust into burnable logs if you wanted, but Sydney isn’t really cold enough to justify the hassle.