Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?


Another Camphor bowl:


I’ve bought and sold on Etsy in the past. Good detailed descriptions seem to make the difference, both in selling (buyers like knowing everything up front) and buying (“the thing I got was as described”, not “this is NOT the size/shape/use I thought it was going to be”).


I have been busy creating monsters. (I volunteer at a charity haunt during the Halloween Season.) The one I’m proudest of this season is this:

I heard quite a few people telling their friends not to look at me.


Well done! Looks very good.

It was a shame that the Weeping Angels got so overused in Doctor Who, because they were genuinely scary in Blink. They unfortunately were much less scary by the time of Angels Take Manhattan. Blink, though… still scared of that one!


Yeah, I know.

Unfortunately, writing descriptions is a lot less fun than making things.

And I find those narrative descriptions (“this tree came from the 100 acre wood, after which I lovingly crafted it into…”) hard to write without injecting a bit of cynicism (“this tree is actually a noxious weed in my neighbourhood, and I fucked it up three times while I was making it, which is why it’s a dish instead of a bowl…”).


I have big issues with cost negotiations on my work. I really hate that part of the process. Not too long ago, I restored a very expensive object for a wealthy customer. He had trouble with my invoice, until I managed to explain that the repair process involved manufacturing a form, which was used to press nearly 40 copies of the object in question out of high tensile steel, and each replica received the same damage as the original, so that I could practice the repair until I had a reliable process. It took weeks.


I’d buy the “fucked up 3 times first” bowl before the hundred acre wood bowl, but that’s just me.

I’d buy a bunch of your bowls if I had disposable income. I’d put them on the sideboard (that was huge and original blond wood Scandinavian mid-century modern and that we didn’t have room for in this apartment) that sits below the bespoke portraits of the cats by @knoxblox that I’d also have if I had disposable income… sigh.


I had to look up quantum dots - my first reaction was “what, are they quantum-sized microdots”?


If it’s something useful to me, I’m willing to barter. :hugs: Just sayin…


Another lidded bowl…

Camphor Laurel with an African Olive knob. Very happy with how snugly I got the fit of the lid.


BTW, question for the peanut gallery: is the knob too small on that last one? Have I gone too far?


It looks okay to me.


I don’t think so. I like it more than the bigger ones on previous bowls you’ve done :slight_smile:


Work in progress:



Looks perfect to me. I think that this knob is your best yet.

I just read @jyoti’s comment…oh, well.


I like this one better. Not too small. Just right


All done:


Working on this strange lump:

Not quite sure what I’ll actually do with it. It’d be good to keep some of the natural surface.


Another bit of acacia:


Camphor Laurel. Still working on the lid.

Finished one of the thumbprint varnish bowls, too: