Man accused of running meth lab at retirement community


All those benjamins and he couldn’t just buy a camper?

This is hardly a meth “lab”, so much as a “kitchen”.

Scale, people.

I think we’re going for flavor, not quantity.

A meth kitchen sounds like a place where you feed meth heads.

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The photograph shows a handful of Jacksons, not Benjamins, and the article reports that including the drugs there was only $1,700.

Guy still has to eat and pay rent regularly, so he probably can’t even afford a crappy pre-made Dell.

Or it’s just a literal kitchen in which you make meth? :wink:

So we’re talking a small-scale artisinal meth operation. You’re just not going to get that home-cooked experience with a big corporate distributor like Los Pollos.


I mean, they can make blue meth, it’s just not going to have that purity.

Perhaps it should be more like a Meth Booth, or Meth DYI Kit, or Meth Micro-brew.

I think you have won the internets for today.


So what do we call this - Breaking Naughty?


Desperate Retirees fits better, and actually reminds you that this isn’t a joke, but a tragedy.

The guy clearly wasn’t making much money, even cooking meth. He was also completely shut in and unsociable, and probably utterly miserable. And now he rots in a cell for it.

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I, to plan to grow old disgracefully.

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Why does the Communist Obama administration come down so hard on hard working entrepreneurs?

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I bet he called other people out on being literal, right after he did it, too.

See any problems with the grammar on his door signs? That’s gotta be relevant.

Thanks for the belly laugh!

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