Man arrested for eating leg of pedestrian killed by train

I think California Health & Safety Code 7052(a) covers this – I can only assume a competent prosecutor could get a jury instruction that eating is included in the term “mutilation”

(a) A person who willfully mutilates, disinters, removes from the place of interment, or commits an act of sexual penetration on, or has sexual contact with, remains known to be human, without authority of law, is guilty of a felony. This section does not apply to a person who, under authority of law, removes the remains for reinterment, or performs a cremation, reduction, or hydrolysis.


When he saw the police he should have legged it!

(I’ll see myself out…)


Did he have any distinguishing characteristics?

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What did the cannibal get his wife for a present?

A box of farmer’s Fannie’s!

Fix Telez’s mind and get them a job that fixes the Atlantic Current!

Well, fuck. That’s just awful and horrifying from all angles.


Was the pedestrian an organ donor, and if so, would that factor into the legality of leg eating?

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I don’t know how much the fine for cannibalism is, but it’s gotta cost an arm and a leg.


The defendant did not have a leg to stand on.


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Federally no, but states have patchwork of laws that indirectly might cover the act. Basically, next time be more casual about your cannabalism.

cannibalism | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

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It did have a kick.

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Some reports of this say it’s a woman’s leg. Nothing ive seen gives much info about the fatality.

Everything is going up. It’s literally the cost of taking the train. 0_o

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Well, I’d say he was performing a reduction, so no harm no foul, right?

I guess we need to put a new law on the books

Just a troubled young man needing help.

It’s a peculiar case involving a Wasco man some residents describe as ordinary and polite — 27-year-old Resendo Tellez.

One Wasco resident showed 17 News where Tellez often slept, in a small doorway near Wasco Liquor. There were a few blankets on the ground. The resident said those blankets belonged to Tellez.

A nearby liquor store employee said Tellez was a regular customer who came in a few times a day, every day.

She explained Tellez never caused trouble, and he’d normally buy a mix of food, beer — whatever he could afford with what folks gave him.

The store shared security footage, where you can see Tellez visiting the store just hours before his Friday arrest. Watch the video above for more.

The employee added when she first heard the news, she thought “No, it can’t be him.”

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Would you eat it in a box?
Would you eat it with a fox?

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