Man arrested for using party balloons to float above Calgary

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Calgary police said the charges against Boria related to the chair,
which they say could have caused injury to somebody if it fell to the

I didn’t know they’re allowed to arrest folks for hypothetical crimes in Canuckistan.


What could go wrong?

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I am presently incarcerated, imprisoned for a crime I did not even commit. “Attempted murder,” now honestly, did they ever give anyone a Nobel prize for “attempted chemistry?”

I assume this guy was aware of the story of Larry Walters.


Dear God I hope he had a good seatbelt! I would have voided my bowels.


Well, he did just leave the chair floating through the sky, and that was evidently his original plan. Letting it float off uncontrolled like that was a bit negligent. Hopefully it comes down slowly rather than in a rush, wherever it lands.

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The expected.

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There are things worth getting in trouble for.


he is my nominee for the 2015 Darwin Award

must the recipient be alive, or can it be awarded posthumously?

Why would that be your expected outcome?

The Darwin Awards are usually awarded posthumously (except in rare cases where a person causes their own infertility before unleashing progeny onto the world).

Since the guy survived with his reproductive organs intact, he doesn’t qualify.

In fact, I wouldn’t even think that this qualifies as an honourable mention: he was wearing a parachute, so there wasn’t a particularly large chance of death.

The Darwin Awards are just for stupidity large enough to remove a person from the gene pool (like strapping fireworks to your head). Survivable stupidity doesn’t qualify.


In the case of the “balloon priest”? Well, he apparently had no knowledge whatsoever of winds and navigation before pulling his stunt, got kicked off ballooning school before learning anything for not following rules, and his last radio communications were something to the effect of “can someone tell me how to work this GPS machine? oh, and it’s getting cold”. Flying away wildly off course, never to be seen alive again, seems pretty much expected to me.

It may not be expected in other cases, but as an answer of “what could go wrong” I stand by my answer. What else could happen, anyway? Crashing into aircraft? Alien abduction?


I guess the popo are working under the pretext of “What goes up, must come down”.
Hard to argue with that. I hate killjoy stuff but I am against celebratory shooting, sending something up without a plan for it is negligence.

No, no thank you. I’m going to remain firmly down here on the ground, thank you very much. You go up into the open air with nothing around you all you want. Not for me, thanks.


bombs away! :smile:

Just brainstorming, but would it be okay if he added a chair-a-chute. just before he exits he triggers a timer that disengages the chair from the balloons and chutes it safely to the ground? or just used a fabric hammock chair of some sort? or is the crime flying in public airspace like the last guy who tried this?


[quote]Inspector Kyle Grant told CBC he expected Boria to face further charges, adding: “I think he will end up out-of-pocket quite a bit.”

I suggest everyone chip in and buy law enforcement the world over a sense of humor.

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Thank god he wasn’t wearing a mermaid tail.

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When I was a kid of around 5-10 years old, I used to dream about doing this all of the time! Instead of a chair, I thought of inflating a raft with helium and tying more balloons to it. Also I was usually naked.

I would definitely try this in real life, without hesitation. But I would be very particular about where and when I did it.


Think of it as evolution in action… …again.

It seems like, at the very least, he was violating some restricted airspace around the airport. I’m surprised he didn’t get hit with that, first. I mean - let your balloon flag fly, man, but maybe stay away from the airport, yeah?

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