Man busted for driving himself to his driving test

I rode my motorcycle to my motorcycle driving test. At the time, I had no friends who rode and did not work m-f 9-5 - the only times of day that Virginia would give exams. How else was I to get myself and my motorcycle to the test?


Enhance! Dubious caption (undecided if it is test or training) is dubious.


Traffic crashes are one of the top ten sources of premature death in any semi-industrial country, particularly for children. It’s hard to argue that this is something cops should just laugh off.


Probably doing a lot better at it than the people I’m sharing the road with who have an actual license.

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Not quite the same thing as driving solo, unless you somehow didn’t have a learners permit. But even if you did drive there solo, I doubt they would have cared, or even noticed. This is the DMV after all.

She is absolutely radiant. She far outshines the handsome young man who is actually in the photo.

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My road test was done at the Secretary of State Office (same thing as a DMV office) you could not drive yourself at the time. Same thing with the motorcycle, I had to have a freind drive my bike to the test. My dad was not happy and would not participate but he didn’t stop me.

Now all the testing is contracted out, I remember going with my daughter to the course but I can’t remember the rules, that was 20 years ago.

This is a favorite Columbo scene.

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Same here. The motorcycle test consisted of me driving around the building while the instructor chatted with someone.

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I drove myself to my drivers ed classes too…in my own car. We lived in the country and my parents worked full time. It worked out fine.

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Fun fact: this is a criminal offence per § 21 Straßenverkehrsgesetz which could theoretically land the guy and the owner of the car he used in prison for up to a year.

Most likely outcome:

  • moderate fines for both
  • points on and/or suspension of the car owner’s license for a month or three
  • psychological evaluation and remedial lessons for both

The driving license system in America is nuts - I’d argue functionally non existent. People take lessons for months in the UK, two tests and often fail the first attempt at their practical. It’s an actual test. And I still don’t trust any of these people on the roads. Germany is similar which is why this is a serious crime - licensing isn’t trivial.

I guess there must be data to show whether it actually makes any difference to road safety but surely it must?

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