Man charged after giving child a "wet willy"


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I don’t even…


Please don’t touch other people’s kids. Kthxbye!


Particularly not with your bodily fluids in contagion-ridden circumstances.


Sex offender register for life is the only appropriate punishment.


I don’t even want to stick my finger in MY OWN kid’s ear…let alone someone else’s. ugh.



Nuclear wedgie?



Someone give that man a purple nurple.


What a mugshot!


In all fairness, have you seen those ears?


I question the prudence of using sex offender registries for things that very well may not and probably are not sexual offenses. Can’t we just sterilize this idiot and be done with it? Perhaps we need a Fucking Moron Sans Boundaries (FMSB) registry. I’d totally get behind slapping this douche-canoe on that list.

Edit to add: Also, I don’t know if I’d rather slap this fool or tweeze his eyebrows.


I realize that a well lubricated finger may be useful in certain forms of recreation but I am not so sure about your understanding as regards the purpose of the human ear.


sure victem blame! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with ears like that the kid was just asking for it, am i right? LOL.


did he yell “wet willy”? or did he just stick a saliva covered finger in a kid’s ear? You have to yell “wet willy” or it’s not a wet willy, it’s just creepy.


Coked Up 80’s Robert Downey Jr. Time Travels to Prank Youngster


Proper defence: That kid’s ear fell on to my saliva dripping finger.


I might think this was funny, except that his mugshot makes me want to cry. I can’t help but feeling some deeper tragedy here. There’s no defiance or sick humor in those eyes, just pain.


People like you are turning this country into a police. Woman walks past a cubicle a cubicle with smut on the screen =sexual. Please get a fucking life!