Man charged after walking pig off-leash in Norwich


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There’s a “police apparently into sub/dom kinks” joke in there somewhere.


Pigs without leashes?!? You know what this will inevitability lead to:


Pigs unleashed to apprehend off-leash pig. Dog playing with pig bites pig.


OMG, he’s too cute. That piggy should have a ‘too cute’ pass allowing his cuteness to give him free reign.


so much for professional courtesy.




“Do you diddle your digit in Dallas?”

“Do you pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?”

“No, but I walk my pig off-leash in Norwich.”


Those potential headlines are good enough for The Sun, but they wouldn’t use them because they’re a right wing rag.


Again: normal for Norfolk.


The swine. Abusing a happy go lucky piglet like that.


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