Man doesn't realize that a woman he threatens is a UFC fighter, who pummels him but good


Or a Dali fan?


Sand or water, no padding.


Parade of cans of whoopass


That really awakens my inner Steve Trevor.


So you could pick him out of a lineup?


Everybody is going “man, he got F-ed up bigtime!” but from what I can tell she only hit him maybe once or twice. I think that guy had some preexisting conditions that make him look like a side of beef. You can see where she clocked him right on the cheekbone, but the rest of his face probably looked more or less like that from the start.

Dude wasn’t expecting a fight at all. He crumped like a sack on the very first hit.

I do like to think that in the picture he didn’t turn his head to show the injury, that’s just the way his head sits now.


Thai boxers - and she’s been trained in Muay Thai even if that’s not her specialty - can do lethal damage with their shins. He had the kinetic equivalent of being hit in the face with a baseball bat. You don’t need a weird genetic predisposition to look messed up after that.


Yeah, by “using lethal force” I mean using a degree of force that you ought to know might kill someone. Not trying on purpose to kill them. That’s never really allowed (not that you can’t get away with it, especially in stand-your-ground states, but with perfect information I don’t think an intent to kill is ever acceptable).


When I was 12 my Grandfather (a Vet) said, “If someone ‘bothers’ you this is what you should do about it…” and proceeded to teach me self defense moves and strategies.

I ALWAYS thought most women should be similarly instructed. Not only can you walk through life feeling confident, it helps ALL others indirectly.

The main lesson is that you know you deserve to be respected and anyone who doesn’t NEEDS to have their ass kicked from here to the Moon and back.


We can also probably do a better job teaching men that women’s bodies aren’t automatically accessible to them… It shouldn’t’ be all on us…


well, my family did that with my brother. Worked out just fine. There are no rapists or wackos in my family.
we were ALL taught to be responsible


That’s great to hear, of course. But as a whole society does less well on that count. Maybe we (as a society) need to look at a strategy that’s not just putting on responsibility on women to fix the problems of men?


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