Man exercising right to open carry robbed at gun point


Ironically, perhaps - most of the time I had to disarm somebody who was waving a gun in my face, they were police. Many of them don’t seem to mind trying to use weapons on an unarmed person.

SWAT team murders burglary victim because burglar claimed he found meth

No, you’re appealing to one of the worst attempts at fallacy reasoning, “how dare someone talk about one subject and not the subject I want them to talk about.” You’re mired in your attempt to condemn BB for bringing the subject up at all, and that’s all that’s happening here.


How dare BoingBoing not talk about real issues, and instead play the dog-whistle victim blaming game! Indeed.

  1. Fun issues are as important to BB as “real” issues.

  2. You don’t define what real issues are.

  3. Again, you’re the only one claiming this is a blame game. Let it go. You’re thrusting your issues onto this. They don’t exist naturally.


I’m pretty sure you forgot to mention something about his privilege as well…


When done as an obvious group protest ala @k24k’s example or when one is accompanied by a bunch of white open carry advocates and trailed by cameras ala @TrollsOpinion’s example not much will happen.
However, when a lone person carries a BB gun around a Walmart or a decorative sword on the street as a melanin-enriched-American, the outcome is not so good…


Where is the victim blaming?:

"William Coleman III of Gresham, Oregon, was robbed of his Walther-brand P22 handgun. The gun was stolen by a young man who walked up to Coleman, pulled out his own gun, and said, 'I like your gun. Give it to me.'"
There are two sentences -- which one has the blaming?


Why else is BoingBoing publicizing an article about a man who was robbed at gunpoint? If it’s to start a discussion about guns, safety, and crime, why isn’t there discussion of guns, safety, and crime in the article?


An armed society is an armed society.


I saw a black guy doing it a few days ago! Atlanta. mid-afternoon, weekday, Edgewood Ave (more-or-less downtown.) He was a young guy. This was the 3rd Atlantan I’ve seen openly carrying over the twelve years I’ve lived here. the other two were the stereotypical middle-aged white dudes. of those, however, one was a metal smelter/recycler who had large amounts of cash on him to pay for scrap metal largely brought in by drug addicts. it seemed understandable.


That’s the entire point. jlw gets to play the schadenfreude card, highlighting a small story about a man getting robbed at gunpoint, while not actually playing the schadenfreude card, then making some sort of high-and-mighty statement about “how the right to openly carry a gun in public keeps America safe” without actually making the statement in the article.

Publicizing the article without comment is making a comment in itself. If BoingBoing wants to push a line about how guns should be banned or more regulated or whatever then I think that’d be a bit more a of a genuine attempt to start a dicussion, and Maggie Koerth-Baker’s series in the past ( and has done a stellar attempt to discuss gun violence in the past. But this is truly awful.

Okay, I’m done, I’ll shut up for a while.


I wrote a simple, clear headline and then 1 word: “Via” the rest is a link and quote from a news source. I don’t need to point out the irony because the story does the work for itself.


Because @jlw tends to like odd “Florida man”-style stories – a long time lurker would probably have noticed that.


Face to face, amusing theft of open carry fool’s codpiece? Not frequent, but will get more frequent if they persist or multiply.

Criminals stealing guns from people who obtained them legally? Extremely frequent, #1 source of firearms for criminals.


LOTS of “Jesus loves Guns!” types in this part of the state. I know, I have relatives there… It’s pretty, but as backwoods as all get out at times.


The word “irony” keeps getting shown to you and you keep ignoring it. The conversation is over. You’re refusing to listen.


If you want to make this into a certain discussion, then go ahead. What’s the problem?

All of your complaints seem to be that you guess the article is being used to make some unspoken point which you find disagreeable. You are better off being pro-active and saying what you think about the link as presented instead of merely reacting to what you suspect its inclusion is “supposed to” mean.


That is the primary motivation. ‘Looking’ can be interchangeable with stuff like ‘hoping’ ‘wishing’ ‘daydreaming’ the phrase ‘looking for trouble’ can be replaced with ‘dumb enough to believe that a yahoo with a sidearm is anything but the unwitting tool of tyranny’ and many others.


Open carry for no reason is like throwing around profanity for no reason or protesting the ‘black helicopters’, protected right but probably used badly in many cases.
People need to get over firearms being a left vs right political statement and remember that whether it is a survivalist or a Black Panther they are exercising a right that needs to be protected just as much a porno protects the less controversial artists.
When white privilege carries openly it opens up the window once closed because of minority open carry protests, there are courts and blatant double standard cases will eventually reach a judge more concerned for justice than their career path.


I’m with you on the general misconception of what a lot of Oregon is like. I’ve got a fair amount of relatives there, and when we visit, you can definitely tell that some places are, well, stuck a bit back in time. For example, my multiracial family made a gas stop in Prineville (population ~9k as of 2010), and went to the local diner for lunch. I’ve never been anywhere else in this country where everything literally stopped when I walked in the door. It was like those scenes in a movie where everyone stops talking, and the record skips (only in this case there was no jukebox playing). Nobody was talking. Everybody was staring. It was like they had never seen anyone with black hair and slanty eyes before. Everyone was polite and whatnot, but you could tell that the fact that there were asians in the diner was kind of a weird thing/big deal.

I often get the feeling that everyone thinks Portland=Oregon, and doesn’t realize how rural a lot of the state is. Kind of how people have difficulty reconciling that Austin is actually in Texas.