Man fights cell phone glued to sidewalk

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Oh, so that’s what I should do with that old blackberry…


And they were right!


Theres another post down a few with a dog where they explain in the comments this motion was caused by chiggers.

Once while walking through Manhattan my friends and I passed a construction site where, on the sidewalk out front, a worker had used doublesided foam tape to attach a dollar bill to the sidewalk. I saw people in front of me reach down to try to pick it up only to find they were the butt of a joke. I was broke back then and a dollar was a dollar so I bent down and did the work to slowly peel the dollar bill off the sidewalk then put it in my pocket and kept walking.


I can’t find it now, but I remember a video of one of those “coins glued to the sidewalk” pranks. Several people try to pick it up, only to move on. One guy tries to pick it up, moves on, then comes back with a snow shovel to neatly scoop it up. :slight_smile:
I found a $5 bill on the ground in a parking lot just the other day. Someone else had just walked right over it, talking on their phone. Situational awareness has enriched me in many ways!


One time I epoxied two quarters to the steps outside my university’s library and spent about four hours watching people try to pick them up and recording their response. It was so much fun! I wrote it up and submitted it for an assignment in an animal behavior class. The teacher gave me a B because she thought I made the whole thing up.


Somebody didi that a few years ago in from of the Apple store downtown, they glued an older iPhone on the sidewalk. Pretty funny reactions of people walking by


If they are like all the iPhone users I know, they probably looked down in disgust and walked past.

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The old Johnson-Smith catalog used to sell a nickel that was attached to a nail, so you could nail it into a floorboard.

How many people will even stop for five cents on the ground today?

And you damage a perfectly good floor.


The person in charge of selecting products at Johnson-Smith – also known for fake vomit and dog droppings, whoopee cushions, and joy buzzers – had a distinctive sense of humor.

Too bad they finally closed in 2019, the pandemic might have given them a new lease on life.

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oh no , dear me, i accidentally posted my private key how do i delete this? what ever shall i do…

been meaning to do this with a dollar coin on the sidewalk in front of my house.

I once saw a teenager stumble on a crack in the sidewalk and then turn back angrily at the spot that offended him like he wanted to pick a fight with it.


Hahaha! Reminds me of the quote, “hate the sin, not the sinner.”
Only in this case it’s, “hate the crack, not the cracker.”
I looked for a gif from 30 Rock of Kenneth tripping over the power cord, but couldn’t find it. Also relevant.

A long time ago, at a burning man far away. My camp was near the outer ring that was very dark once everyone was out playing on the playa. I had to walk back to my camp to get something and as I walked down the dark quiet street there was a glow stick someone had dropped in the middle of the road. As I reached down to pick up the glow stick, it suddenly zipped away from me across the dirt road. I looked at the camp it was heading to and about a dozen people suddenly leaped up and cheered including a guy with a fishing pole. Hippy fishing. I cheered back and we all laughed. I miss going places and meeting people.


That’s exactly what my wife does when she trips on an irregularity on a sidewalk - stops, turns and stares at the offending area where she tripped. She gets really pissed when I laugh at her (I can’t help myself after seeing this happen repeatedly for decades).

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