Man has eaten 34,128 Big Macs, extending own record

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And somebody paid him ($20, I think) to eat that Whopper. Guess what Don spent the money on?


Does he eat the fries? Because that’s what’ll get you. The burgers aren’t great, as far as taste goes, but they’re not the worst thing on the menu, health wise.


I’m sure he set another record for most time having the runs on the toilet.

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This man has Big Mac arrogance. And and eating disorder.

s o r r y . . .

Usually, he doesn’t eat the fries. Or anything else, for that matter.

There’s a segment about him in Supersize Me with an interview. He’s not crazy: he’s just a guy who really likes Big Macs. And watches his intake.

McD has (used to have?) a good-sized salad as a standalone dish over here. Healthy! Until you’d pour the Vinaigrette sauce over it, that is. With that Vinaigrette the salad had more calories than a Big Mac. And an ungodly amount of salt.


Yeah some people seem to think that salad should have roughly the consistency of soup after you put the dressing on it. I have a friend who likes to eat baked potatoes when she’s trying to eat healthy. But she eats them loaded, with tons of bacon, cheese, and sour cream. Nutritional education in this country is so bad.


The guy’s name is Donald.

And he loves McDonalds Big Macs.

So I assume his MC name is “Mack Donald.”

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Well, it hasn’t killed Lord Dampnut. Yet.

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What’s the big deal?
I’m sure I’ve eaten more than 34 hamburgers myself in my life.
How did he account for the decimals?

No, wait, USian comma, not EU :upside_down_face:

So about 1.8 BM/day for 52 years (he atarted in 1972).
I’m torn between admiration, contempt, and pity.

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