Man has his account frozen because his payment for his dog "Dash" reminded bank of "Daesh"


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… and that sentiment terrifies me more than any terrorist threat.


I’m totally in favour of inconveniencing everyone that holds that opinion as much as possible. I’m sure they’ll agree it’s worth it if it stops one terrorist.


Wait till the next time he tries to board a plane. His name will be on lists because of this.


At little over-reaction maybe. But I’m sure that the terrorists can’t use the banks anymore, knowing that these eagle-eyed bean counters are onto them.


Good news: renames dog
Bad news: after favorite comic book heroine


I think all activities to prevent terrorism should therefore inconvenience Francis since he doesn’t mind getting caught up in such things in his daily life. The rest of us should be left alone.


a similar terror plot was revealed in Switzerland a few years ago. the note said Südanflug (southern approach, it was a payment for some t-shirts). the anti-fraud/anti-crime software ignored the umlaut and stopped the transfer of the Sudanflug (Sudan flight) conspirators.


I go past Isis every time I get on the bus and haven’t reported it to the police yet.

Am I in trouble?


This sentiment pops up occasionally in different contexts, all the way from this to “I’m happy to pay my taxes” or “I don’t mind waiting in line at the (border/DUI/seatbelt) checkpoint”. And every time I think, “Bully for you! Perhaps consider that others strongly feel differently”.


I would feel tempted to say exactly the same thing. Not because it’s true, but because the spectre of being dogged by a years long enquiry into any imaginary support I have for terrorism is terrifying and being cleared so quickly would be a relief. It’s too easy to imagine an ongoing cockup and I might be willing to pretend to be happy if it made them go away.

I actually am happy to pay my taxes though. I like having libraries, etc…


In places like china or russia, usually there is an interview with some anonymous government liaison or whatever before talking to the press in cases like this.

To help the gentleman remember his story, and avoiding harming the state unnecessarily by losing his composure.


I don’t think anyone’s happy to pay their taxes, but they arguably do a whole heck of a lot more good than this silly mess does.


Somehow, false positives are considered proof that the system is working, rather than an indicator of deeper problems. Are you feeling safe yet?


Why am I laughing?


Wanted terrorist…


It’s nice Francis is okay with it, but what about his dog walker? They had their payment held up, and as the person designated to receive the “suspicious” funds will wind up on the same lists Francis does.

And cheque volumes must be really low if anyone in cheque processing even has time for this nonsense.


“I think anything we can do to stop the terrorists and the funding of terrorists, let’s do it,”

“Anything we can do.”

“Anything we can do.”


What a great opportunity to address the nation, and this is what he came up with. This makes me feel the same way I do when I think, how come I never get picked for the good juries.


Back in the old days I used to write stuff like “for sexual favors”/“tricks turned”/etc in the memo section of checks that were made out to friends/family/enemies… I imagine that I’d be facing investigation nowadays.


I’ll bet that dog walker just wants cash from now on.