Man hides TV in sliding door


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Thinking of the sliding doors I have known in my own life, all I can picture is the door coming off its rails, and the tv/armature in a sad pile of twisted metal underneath it.

That said, it’s pretty cool if a touch low for my tastes. (new mental image - pitbull mix careening around the corner…)


Dude must love him some teevee.


Yeah, he doesn’t have children. Mine’s fascination with the mechanism would ensure its early demise, and also that of the TV.


I think the correct term here is ‘pocket door’. Sliding doors can be what your supermarket has.


To go to such lengths to hide it, it must be his love that dare not speak its name.


It’s fucking awesome that’s what it is.


Hide the TV? Mine is out and proud!


This is one of those thing that in 30 years the new owners will think “WTF was wrong with those people”


If he dared, he’d just buy a damn table. That place doesn’t look cramped. He’s hiding something.


Yes. A TV.


Clever and great craftsmanship. My take on it is that the intent is not so much to ‘hide’ it as to save space when stowed. Rather than a TV lover, I suspect the creator is only a casual watcher who wants to maximize use of the space. A bonus is ease of watching in either room with the 180-degree pivot.Sure beats the massive wooden console we used to have which occupied some serious floorspace.

By the way, where are those thin-film-rollup-screens that were supposed to be everywhere by now? Right after flying cars arrive I’m guessing.


I was thinking of how this could be utilized with a simple elevated latch to keep climbing kiddos from pulling it down onto themselves…


The headline got me thinking of a thief somehow stowing a TV in a store’s door mechanism to get to it later.


I’m just glad he’s found some hobbies other than cannibalism.



I’d have made the cutout a bit bigger so the whole door doesn’t have to be replaced when the TV becomes obsolete. But because I think too much about such what ifs, I am not enjoying a TV in my door.


They do exist, they’re just fragile and the demand is low. For some reason they’ve decided that it’s better to somehow make phone screens out of sapphire glass or something equally absurd, instead of just making them flexible so they absorb shock when they are dropped.


Very tidy, and a nicely finished project.

But, hang on, it only works when the door is open (hidden). If he ever closes it, the door itself will look ridiculous, from either side. This person hasn’t hidden a TV in a door, he’s replaced a sliding door with an enormous sliding TV frame.


wait, you mean he sometimes turns it off?