Man in Saudi Arabia came within inches of being sliced in two by a falling pane of glass


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If that glass were of a kind that would be likely to cut someone in two, it would have. It clearly hits him between the shoulder and neck, knocking him to the ground and shattering. It’s most likely tempered safety glass.


A glancing blow! Looks like there was the slightest angle, and it slid off of his shoulder, but yeah, tempered glass, or the glass shrapnel would’ve got him.
HIs response is so interesting . . . he doesn’t look around to see where it came from, just pulls himself together and walks off, until he’s called back by the gentlemen from the building.


Must happen all the time there.


Probably a stunt to get invited to the White House. Fucking Muslims!


He damned well may be dazed there. Even at that angle, that was a lot of downward force on his head.


It’s the will of Allah, I guess.
That and the lax building standards you expect when things are put up by near slave labour.


Cool guys don’t look for the source of sheets of glass from the sky that nearly chop off their arm. They just turn and walk the other way.


Some poor guy from the Philippians is gonna wake up dead tomorrow…

Allah Akbar - God wills it. That’s how they roll.

Or maybe in this case it was Admiral Ackbar with a failed trap!


He probably thinks he invented not-getting-sliced-in-two-by-a-pane-of-glass!

The really cool guys keep walking in the same direction.


At least it had a slight angle and didn’t fall flat!

Warning graphic:


Looking at how the glass appears to shatter into a million tiny pieces, yeah, tempered glass would be my guess.


Actually, mythbusters proved just recently that a falling sheet of tempered skyscraper window glass will simply crush you to death, not slice you in half.


“Unfortunately in the first video you saw what happens when the subject doesn’t walk exactly on the line we had drawn. Thankfully in this next one everything was set properly and taken to its exciting conclusion…”

They don’t even have to pretend to follow the scientific method now that they are filming in Saudi Arabia.


So, this is fiction?.. (graphic)


Was it tempered glass of the type used in office buildings and skyscrapers?


That looks like shock and/or concussion to me.


WTF was that from?


Given the presence of Jennifer Lopez, and the surrealism of the piece, I’m going to take a punt and say The Cell.

(I’m slightly disturbed that one of the YouTube recommendations I received at the end of that clip was captioned “Horses Mating Hard and Close-Up”.)