Man jailed after boasting of pelican abuse


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There are worse things to have on your record than a conviction for pelican molestation, but probably not a lot.


But…that’s where all the pelicans are!


At least he didn’t try to feed a live pigeon to the pelican


I bet he’s related to those people who pushed over hoodoos for no reason what so ever.

ets: He’s from Riva, Md. So, good chance. It a place where people take guns to church and fly the confederate flag for funs.

“Liv Free and Don’t Giva a Fk” is heard often there.


Apologists: It’s just a dumb bird. He can do whatever he wants.

Authorities: The hellhecan


They can come across to Georgia first. But not Florida Man, he stays.


In case you were looking for a link, or that super funny/grim picture:


I considered posting a vid of a pelican eating unsuspecting birds but that seemed a bit grim. And I’m lazy




It probably tried to eat his cell phone. He should have run away. etc.


Pelican policy sees Old Bill get even.




Are there more Confederates there now than during the Civil War?


It’s interesting what you can learn about other bb’ers from their comments. For instance, we now know that you are a dad. :wink:


So in court will he use as his defense,… the Pelican Brief?


There are confederates in states that didn’t exist during the civil war, and they are rife in states that should have been proud of their abolitionist past. There are more Nazis in America now than in Germany.

Actually, looking at your link it appears there were a lot of traitor scum there during the Civil War as well.


I bet he’s related to those people who pushed over hoodoos for no reason what so ever.

You mean a voodoo doll?

Or this?


Meet William Hunter Hardesty.

No thanks, and BTW, please check his basement and backyard for shallow graves.