Restaurant cancels "going to prison" bash to have been hosted by Capitol rioter who stole Pelosi's lectern

Originally published at: Restaurant cancels "going to prison" bash to have been hosted by Capitol rioter who stole Pelosi's lectern | Boing Boing


Imagine being this guy’s lawyer and trying to argue for early release/less stringent supervision/whatever on the basis that your client had demonstrated remorse for his actions.


Imagine if you were married/related to this POS.


Well then sending him off to jail WOULD be a cause for celebration…


What a nightmare for the restaurant. I imagine having an open Facebook “invitation” for people to show up at a restaurant (without that restaurant’s knowledge) at a particular time isn’t great at the best of times, but when it’s this crowd… yikes. And then denying them means the restaurant and its staff will suffer harassment, potentially vandalism and even violence.


Caddy’s Bradenton Island restaurant in Tampa, Florida

That’s a slightly confusing article. The dateline is Tampa, but it says that the restaurant is “Caddy’s Bradenton Island, a popular waterfront restaurant located in Bradenton, Florida”. Bradenton is about fifty miles from Tampa, south of it on the peninsula and across the Manatee River.

The restaurant’s web site says it has seven locations, one being this one in Bradenton, and the original being on Treasure Island (a barrier island off St. Petersburg). It seems that the article’s “Caddy’s Bradenton Island” is a mashup of those two. None of the seven is in Tampa.

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Idk about the rest of you, but that 14 y/o in the quote just is the most jarring interjection.

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A Going to Prison party, eh?
What a jackass.
I cannot generate any sort of sympathy for this useless fuckwit. I hope his stay far exceeds his worst imaginings & in the process, he becomes an advocate for prison reform.
Only then, might he be a bit less useless.

It would truly be a shame if he pissed off the Wrong Person while enjoying his free room & board at taxpayer expense…


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