Man looks like he's as happy as can be after being arrested for threats to shoot up a polling place

If by “beams” you mean “shoots meth beams out of his eyes” then yes, accurate.

Wonder if he parties with this one:

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I have a feeling he was going for this:
I’m reasonably certain The Dude wouldn’t abide threatening voters with murder for exercising their rights.


i have a facial expression i can access when someone in authority abuses said authority in extravagantly petty ways, like the corrections officer who wouldn’t let my wife and i wear our santa hats during a visit with our younger son on a 12/23 visit. the look is a smile which has been described as saying “your hide will make a fine poncho!” the c.o. in that instance scuttled away as fast as she could, as if i had bitten her.

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Yeah, but you’re a Texan.


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