Man makes money suctioning beer cans to his head


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#It’s because he’s magnetic.


Jamie Keeton of Evergreen Park, Illinois says he makes $1,000 a day suctioning cans and other objects to his head. He recently took his show to China and says he will soon land a Guinness World Record for the unique talent.

Apparently Jamie Keeton did not read Tuesday’s post: Don’t agree to do record-breaking tricks on Chinese TV. Just don’t.

Gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo writes, “Last week I got booked to travel to China and appear on their big world records TV show to pull the biggest tablecloth ever. Here’s how none of that happened and I ended up literally fleeing to the airport.”


This reads like one of those hard-to-believe claims you see spambots post in web forums, like MY MOTHER-IN-LAW MAKES $5970/WEEK FROM HOME BROWSING CAT VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET.




Oooh, weekend project… I need to experiment to find out what sort of superpower my slightly low baseline temp of 97 F confers on me.


Worst Mr Freeze ever.


Didn’t we just read about a guy who attempted to set a Guinness record in China on TV, but was bait-and-switched by the show’s producers? This fellow needs to read that article.


Maybe you could get together and we could turn you into some kind of human heat pump to generate free energy?


Once he arrived he was forced into a hat-stacking competition with an expert local hat-stacker.


A severe case of

Late Stage Capitalism

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