Man wears live snake as COVID-19 face mask

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I mean, that will help with social distancing, right?


A thing that would probably never happen auf der Wuppertal Schewebahn.


~insert totally humane and non-vindictive boa constrictor comment here~

I’ve never understood how people get used to the way snakes smell.

I killed a copperhead yesterday so you know where I stand on snakes.

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Clean snakes don’t really smell much. I had a couple as pets. I don’t think they produce sent but can get smelly if living in “conditions”. I feel most mammals naturally smell more, though some clean themselves more. I mean, it would be hard to wash up with out hands and legs, wouldn’t it?


Seems to me a mask should have some filtering action, and I can only see one way a snake could do that, and I ain’t likin’ it.

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Like many of us, I suspect this gentleman just has difficulty keeping up with fast changing guidelines. Who has time to read all the fine print?


Maybe he’s doing a sketch for Monty Python?

OK I’ll show myself out.


Snakes are wild animals and putting one of this size around your neck like this is how you end up dead in the public square.


“While there is a small degree of interpretation that can be applied to this, we do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin – especially when still attached to the snake.”

This deserves to be in a Monty Python sketch. Badly.

And the python reference is purely coincidental.


Back in the day (circa 1970) I was given a Colombian Rosy Boa, seven feet long and not slender. I often publicly wore Noah as a neck ornament. Not a mask but no strangulation. Whew.

BTW I routinely wore Noah whilst strolling Hollyweird Blvd. Nobody noticed. I was not the weirdest sight on the street.


Try that with any of the snakes here in Australia and COVID-19 would be the least of your worries


Well a carpet python would be suitably non lethal if it’s already had its already had its feed for the week… perhaps a little bulky in my experience!

Pretty sure that guy qualifies as a Covidiot.

:musical_note: Ooh, a happy bird is a filthy bird :musical_note:

Maybe he was in a major rush to get somewhere and grabbed the nearest thing he could wrap around his face. :wink:

I’m ok with it if the snake has a mask too.

Sigh its not difficult to understand. Masks have to cover your mouth and nose. It’s clearly not covering them both, therefore not a good mask.

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