Man who punched a woman in the face at New York event identified as millionaire banker (video)

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Kaye is heard in the video saying: “She f–king threw s–t all over me.”

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he did something before that, if it’s true.


Someone who graduated from the Richard Nixon School of Law did something violently racist?
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And this is what the internet should be used for. Good work. Hope he loses his directorship gets arrested, locked and ultimately successfully sued for a couple of million.


Another bit of supporting evidence that fines in legal penalties ought to be based on a scaled percentage of estimated worth. (all these few thousand dollar fines on trump contempt violation while that’s well within the standard advertising cost of making campaign supportive lies just suck)


NY should banish him from the city. After his time is served.


Does he fight crime by night?


One of the worst con jobs that comic books ever pulled is the idea that privileged rich dudes (Green Hornet, Batman, Green Arrow, Iron Fist, The Shadow etc. etc.) would be the ones fighting crime instead of the ones supplying it.


Millionaire → Mayor → NYPD commissioner → NYPD department chief → NYPD precinct commander → :smirk:

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Artistic license. Can you imagine how much less exciting Batman would have been if it was all just Bruce Wayne cutting checks to vigilante death squads and Jim Gordon passing on lists of undesirables his boys want off the street but don’t have a case against?


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I mean, it is… but people make artistic choices for reasons, and that reason can often be ideological.


The Wayne Foundation apparently does good things and stuff… :person_shrugging:

At night I have seen the true city, a hungry beast that never sleeps – so I opened some soup kitchens and shelters. And then I beat the crap out of a few more lowlifes.

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Supply side economic at work. Why are you hating on job creators? /S

Anyone pays attention see that bold-faced lie as a farce just like “trickle-down” economics policies. It’s always about punching down.

Yeah, always have problem with Batman and its copy cats. They can always donate all their wealth or start non-profit to feed and house people neglected by society but it’s almost always about a rich/cis/white male playing super hero with “personal” struggle for “better” of society. The irony is always about their messiah complex while they conveniently ignore their existence as half of the problem.

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Yikes. That guy works in the building next to mine. Reputation as a jerk. Then again so do most of us investment bankers.


Oh, absolutely, the whole ‘vigilante oligarchs are all that’s standing between normalcy and Crime in a society too weak and/or blinded by the false promises of rule of law to do what has to be done’ thing is…enormously political. I just suspect the choice of elaborate brooding cosplay over organizing and financing vigilante groups(which is both a lot of dull paperwork and uncomfortable truth-in-television) is a strongly aesthetically influenced choice of how exactly to present extralegal elite violence as heroic and necessary.


Threw shit all over him? Maybe she was just trying to return it to its rightful owner? She thought he looked a little pale and maybe he was running a quart low? :crazy_face:

The situation kicked off after Kaye told the group they were “on the wrong side.” Well, there’s your problem. Some entitled idiot, attempting to “convert a few parade goers?”, is apparently clueless about how crowds work. (-‸ლ)

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Shortpacked! Too big


Yeah, that’s how it started, with some bigotry, and I’m guessing there was also some escalation on his part before any drinks were thrown.

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@bobsyeruncle666 yes, but as my 7th grad history teacher explained to us all, our right to express ourselves ends where your nose begins. You don’t hit. /s


Which, legally, doesn’t even matter. Responding to someone throwing some liquid on you with a haymaker to the head is not justified. You’re allowed to defend yourself with reasonable force. That wasn’t reasonable.