Man who recorded video of Freddie Gray's arrest is arrested, detained by Baltimore police


I’m sorry but his testimony is totally unreliable - the police do not tackle origami. Also, their job is hard.




Since the charges against the officers who arrested murdered Freddie Gray have already been announced, this amounts to blatant witness tampering.


Man [Kevin Moore] who recorded video of Freddie Gray’s arrest apply to Amnesty International for Balt. Police retaliation prortection, STAT!


Since the charges had already been announced, and the video too disseminated to quash; I have to admit that I’m more than a trifle surprised that he survived this ‘traffic stop’.


I’m only (depressingly) surprised it took them this long.

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What’s the point of having power without accountability if you’re not going to abuse it?


The arresting officers wearing dorky bike helmets is just adding insult to injury. At least they didn’t chase him down on Segways.

Things like this make me weight if the Baltimore Police Department is pinning for even more intense disturbs or if it is just a bunch of imbecile morons.

Well stated, Kevin Moore is experiencing something that law enforcement does well: harass citizens. The challenges between the Black community and law enforcement are a result of devalued Black humanity. This is evident with unemployment: Black men 10.4, Black women 8.9, White men 4.8, and White women 4.1. Corporate executives have hegemony over Black careers as police have hegemony over Black lives.

And the text messages of law enforcement officers that revealed racial hatred toward African Americans would invariably be found on the cell phones of corporate executives. So police, including the FBI and other federal law enforcement, are a mere reflection of greater society.

As our culture values or devalues Black Americans, so follow the people with guns and badges.


I believe the boilerplate response in situations like this is, “When someone observes an arrest, they are missing out on a lot of the context that led to the situation. Police officers do a lot of work trying to uncover details, which may or may not be public knowledge. Please do not attempt to get involved during an arrest as it is a tense and critical period of time, and distractions can lead to unnecessary risks. If you have any concerns, please bring it to the attention of the police after the incident has occurred.”

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It’s not being paranoid if it’s true.

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“Let us do whatever the fuck we want and we just might not kill you. Or maybe we will anyway. Practically no cop is punished for it anyway.”


Judging from the police on my side of town, the ones on bikes are a lot fitter, so I wouldn’t insult their form of transportation.

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