Man with last name "Raper" charged with rape




It seems the ASVAB is totally unnecessary for this young man.


Nominative determinism.


He shoulda went with McLovin.


Apellomancers. Fuck em’, right? (NSFW Comic:


Prosecutor, “It’s gotta be him judge, Right?”

Judge, "Seems like it. . . . Guilty as charged Mister “Rape.” Next case !


His attorney should argue that it’s impossible for him to get a fair trial. Case dismissed.


Its funny because his name is… oh wait, its not funny at all.


A. Wiener couldn’t be reached for comment.


Don’t jump the gun – The statute probably reads “sex offence with a child between 3 and 13”. It could have been a 13yo victim too – the article doesn’t say. Either way, a 19yo ought to have known better.


You are right. I’ve deleted that bit. Probably just noting the rape part should suffice.


Met a couple of people with that surname a few years back. Both changed their name…because, this guy.


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