Marjorie Taylor Greene and her absurd "girls bathroom" attack on Pete Buttigieg

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EmptyG could single-handedly be responsible for future historians calling this America’s “Era of Dumb Feelings”.


Not that logic is ever an issue for her, but why would gay men go into a women’s bathroom?

Does she think gay men are. . . preying on women?


In the words of MAGA-fuck-wits everywhere…


She’s as dumb as a bag of claw hammers.

My apologies to hammers, everywhere.

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She’s trying to connect him to to the moral panic around trans women. For some of her cultists it will work too. It doesn’t need to “make sense” to the outgroup. What’s that poem about Nazis again?


If anyone ever makes a sequel to Idiocracy, it’s going to be a documentary, not a comedy.



I mean, you shouldn’t be driving electric vehicles or bicycles in any bathroom.


It’s frightening that it only takes a handful of idiots (Trump, MTG, Gaetz, Boebert, etc) to whip millions of gullible people into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Are we past the point of no return or will there be a time when collective members of the GOP will have a moment of clarity and look back at it like McCarthyism and realize that it was a huge mistake.


Electric cars, bicycles, the ladies’ room, they’re all considered effeminate, and therefore coded ways of implying that somebody is…a homosexual. And all that loses much of its power when somebody is openly gay. Implied homosexuality is their go to insult, and they really don’t know what to do when people aren’t insulted by it.

It feels like a naked claim of virility and sexual potency is behind much of the conservative messaging. It is weird to me to see these “Christians,” worship a the altar of the “big swinging dick Jesus,” despite Christianity’s traditional prudishness.


But do I feel safe sharing a restroom with her? Does anyone?


Trump predicted 20,000 to 30,000 at this rally. Best estimate says 5,000 would be being very generous. Of course, he claimed there were people “as far as the eye can see”, but, we of course know that he has terrible eyesight. One distinct reason for the plummeting numbers at his rallies is that his cult members are dropping like flies. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin DO NOT WORK, and not getting vaccinated because of Trump’s paranoid fantasies works even worse.


Or you could say it takes millions of bloodthirsty idiots to elevate people like Trump, MTG, Boebert and Gaetz into power. Which is really an even more terrifying prospect as it means the source of the problem will remain after those figures are all gone.


She doesn’t “think” anything. She’s just merging modern transphobic nonsense back into the old-school homophobic nonsense about gay people being child predators. (Although less “merging” and more “making the origins clear,” I suppose.) That it doesn’t make a lick of sense doesn’t matter.

I think it’s even worse than that, as it’s a violent, “toxic masculinity” Jesus, too. It’s not just a (grotesque, fascist) need to be “manly,” what’s considered “manly” is perverse too. E.g. even with vehicles, the “manly” cars are the ones that are the most destructive, the ones that cause injury (“rolling coal”). “Who would Jesus hurt?” is their motivating question, and the problem is, in their eyes, the answer is “the people we don’t like.”


Yes, I answered my own question.


Some LGB people want to exclude the trans community, but one thing that unites opponents of LGBTQ rights is they consider everyone who falls outside of being straight and cisgender, or even their own particular definition of straight and cisgender, a threat.

I think you already know that and your question was a rhetorical way to highlight just how stupid she is, but it bears repeating that the LGBTQ community and allies need to stick together or hang together. And with people like MTG in Congress that’s not hyperbole.


All in all I think most women would feel safer sharing a bathroom with Pete Buttigeig than Mad Marge.



There is definitely an exaltation of violence. Don’t get me wrong sometimes violence is the least bad answer. One needs to stand up to bullies, or they just get worse. But not every situation justifies or is improved by violence. Most aren’t. But they seem to glory in violence, the threat of violence, as if it in and of itself ennobles the cause it is used in. “I don’t want to wear a mask, and my willingness to punch somebody in the face about it, means that is a holy fight for freedom.”