Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are 'absolute clown politicians' rants GOP colleague

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are 'absolute clown politicians' rants GOP colleague | Boing Boing


“I call on Leader [Kevin] McCarthy, I call on every leader in the Republican Party to stand up, say get vaccinated, and to call out these garbage politicians — these absolute clown politicians playing on your vaccine fears for their own selfish gain,” he concluded.

Translation: “I call on the GOP to return to the old GOP… the one that played on traditional fears for our own selfish gain.”



Clowns with guns.


He needs to be repeating his message on a different news network.


The current GQP/Fox strategy of trying to kill off their supporters/viewers is… an interesting one. It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts the demographics of this country, when the vaccination divide is a partisan one and 99+% of deaths are of unvaccinated people.


Fetishizing guns, refusing vaccines and basic health measures. Covid causing long-term erectile dysfunction. Maybe Qanon is a long game conspiracy by smart people to encourage the fash to self-euthanize and/or sterilize enough of themselves to take them off the board?


Well, they think their strategy is going to kill off the non-supporters. That was, after all, why Jared and Co. worked so hard to prevent the [blue] states from responding to covid at the get-go. It just hasn’t quite sunk into them yet that their own supporters are the ones who are not getting the necessary medical treatment. They had hoped it would be a different demographic which were left untreated and vulnerable.

Or perhaps they now have a plan of sowing discontent among their followers of the form “see, all of us are getting sick, but very few of them are, so they must be doing something nefarious and any action is justified to fight back against them, our problems are all their fault”

That and the fact that they thrive on chaos, and will go to any lengths to ferment it.


Maybe QGOP is counting on “rugged individualism” as a replacement for vaccination?


I keep wondering why havent these nut jobs been committed. They really need some mental health evaluation, and psychological help they truly need.

I miss the days when “Insane Clown Posse” was just a hip hop duo.


Unfortunately, minorities still make up large portions of the unvaccinated. Maybe their plans are working.


chaos is the goal. the more society is broken, the more people feel it needs a “strong” white man willing to break the rules to enforce strict conservatism. ( re: batman, the handmaid’s tale, bunker boy, etc. )

plus, we’ve all seen that every recent catastrophe only further enriches the 1%. they’re making money off all the guy buying, fake miracle cures, and church building

and that’s what happens when leaders at every level block access to medical care. even biden, by not pushing medicare for all, is leaving people like essential workers to fend for themselves - without the advice of a doctor - to make decisions they don’t even really have the time to consider.

in a system that time and again has proven itself untrustworthy in minority communities, it’s not unexpected that some people will consider this too a thing not to be trusted


It isn’t likely to change much. Places that are Republican dominated tend to be by large enough margins that the covid discrepancy won’t move the needle. Consider the longstanding discrepancy in lifespan between the deep south and the west coast. The government of some of these states have been killing off voters for ages. It would take a decade for the extra deaths to show up in congressional seat allocations. In states and districts with a closer split the unvaccinated group is getting some degree of protection from reduced transmission from the reasonable group. In the meantime they’ve fed cultlike bonds that are that much harder to break.


The dynamics are so clear at this point I don’t know how even the dimmest of GQP bulbs can’t see it.

That seems more likely. I see various GOP members “wondering” why it is that people aren’t getting vaccinated. They haven’t yet started blaming Biden for it, but give it time.

Yeah, they may be counting on urban minorities being hit harder than rural whites.

I suppose this is the core truth that they’re counting on. What they lose in numbers (but not percentages) of followers, they make up in strength of belief.


It’s a tough nut to crack.

There’s a long history of medical mistreatment by Govt. affiliated science in the USA with many ethnic groups.

Combine that with the fact that it doesn’t matter if the vaccine is free if you can’t afford to take time off work if the second shot knocks you on your ass for a day or few. If not being able to work for a period means you may not make rent, or the kids may not eat, then can you afford to get a “free” vaccine?

Edit: meant to say that it’s these politicians that will make the difference in the fight against the current insanity infecting the GOP. There’s a better chance that they can sway your average republican, or at least a far better chance than any “liberal socialist coastal elite”… The enemy of my enemy is definitely not my friend, but they may be a useful tool…


Individualism unless you want to control your own uterus.


At this point calling them clowns is offensive to clowns.


ICP isn’t even down with these clowns.


I looove the anti-vax gentlemen with their “my body, my choice” signs. You just know the same dumb fucks gentlemen happily carry ones saying the opposite at anti-choice rallies.