Marjorie Taylor Greene insists the FBI prove they didn't plan the insurrection

You do realize that she represents ALL the people in her district, right? Not just the people who voted for her? That’s her constituents, not just her supporters.

so maybe don’t call everyone in her district “an idiot” since they did not all vote for her.


Do we need that for these people? All we need to do is to go away, then come back and say “It’s okay. I’ve just checked and they proved it. The FBI had nothing to do with the insurrection.” If they ask to see the proof, say they “haven’t got the clearance”.

It will be worth it for the look on their little faces, if nothing else. Straight back atcha, Morans!


That’s a bridge too far, my friend. Might as well try to prove Obama was born in Hawaii! (/s)


Or as we say in Canada; “Like making love in a canoe”


I suspect she makes quite the effort to not represent the people who did not vote for her, in whatever way she can. Punishing non-supporters is the republican way.


She’s an idiot. On the other hand, I still want to know whether there were any government operations to encourage and support the insurrection and where they originated. It doesn’t seem to me that the Proud Boys etc. decided on how to organize it without any input from political operatives and I would want to know whether any of those people were or are on the government payroll. I’d like to know if Donald Trump’s Justice Department was involved in attempting an overthrow of the government.


Technically, this is true, in the civics class definition of ‘representative democracy’.
However, rightly or wrongly, she is seen as a reflection of her district.

Since Empty Gee is a Fascist, the only people who matter to her are the ones who voted for her.
THOSE are her constituents, & the rest of the voters in her district can take a long walk off a short pier, as far as she is concerned.
The flurry of voter suppression laws being passed by various Fascist state legislatures make this blindingly obvious… if you ain’t a Fascist, then you don’t count.

I will give @AJinNH the benefit of the doubt & presume they were using ‘constituent’ in the same sense as I stated above.
Even so, if your Congressional Representative (or Governor, Senator, etc) is an idiot, it reflects badly on you, whether you voted for them, or not.
Hell, I live in Texas; needless to say, the likes of Abbott, Patrick, Cruz, etc, etc, don’t remotely represent me or my views… but tell someone you are from Texas?
Guess what examples they have to judge you by…


I stopped calling them ‘republicans’ & have started using the more accurate term ‘Fascist’, ever since the beginning of the ongoing Coup back in January.
Your statement is accurate, though.
Case in point, I live in Harris county, where Houston is located. It suffered mightily from hurricane Harvey. Some areas received over four feet of rain… somewhat over a billion dollars of damage, all told.
The General Land Office in Texas was tasked with distributing Federal funds to deal with the damage. The surrounding counties got thousands of dollars/resident of relief. Harris county?
The GLO is run by Prescott Bush, son of Jeb!, and is a devoted worshipper of You Know Who.
Guess how Harris county voted for POTUS?
(1) Until the Mayor of Houston, and the County Judge raised hell about it, then we were begrudgingly given a fraction of what was needed. Better than nothing, but still…

Along with his Quislings in Congress, and the Financiers of the whole thing, among others.
It is my fantasy that Garland has multiple invetigations going, & that lots of CongressCritters will be in serious trouble, along with the numerous Rich Fuckers that paid for everything.
If they aren’t held to account, the Coup will succeed.

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I’m finding it a little tedious to be told that I’m a garbage human because of where I happen to live or having people assume (despite what happened in GA last year) that making change is hopeless, because the people who live here are just “idiots”.

Not only are large numbers of people in my state seeking to disenfranchise others in my state to blunt the power of the ATL area, we’re told that it’s OUR own fault by people who feel morally superior because they are not struggling with these same issues in their states and they live in a blue bubble where they don’t have to worry about their basic rights being under attack. Guess what? If the GOP continue to dominate the south through their voter suppression campaign, they’ll make life miserable for ALL of us in the entire country! Not just us “idiots” who happen to live in places like GA…

The reality is that this is where the fight is. Charles Blow made a great point about the reverse Great Migration being a key to changing American politics. He argued that Black Americans moving back to the south could help save the country. That needs to be outside of the large cities like Atlanta, though. People with progressive ideas will need to put in the work in the rural parts of our southern states that aren’t Democratic strongholds if change is going to come at the national level, too.

But since people like @AJinNH seem uninterested in seeing the progressive people that already live there, but just assume that everyone there is a Trump/MTG clone, when that is very much not the case.



// waves ‘Hi’ from the northern end of the Confederacy


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She says she wants an investigation of the Jan. 6 insurrection, and hopes she gets picked for the committee to do the investigation, but when she had a chance to vote for an investigation she voted against it.



I hear ya.
Remember that Texas was home to the Worst POTUS in history, before You Know Who came along & made him look like a Statesman.
And Beto came along & showed that change is possible, just not guaranteed…

The same thing is happening in Texas, re: large metropolitan areas, & Houston in particular.
Guess how those places tend to vote…

Well, that’s just their opinion, & they are welcome to it.
You know what they say about opinions…

It’s not just the South, although that is a stronghold.
I think they are seeing the writing on the wall, re: demographics, & have figured its now or never in regards to retaining power where they have it & seizing it where they don’t.

There are fights all over the place. I would argue that the less populous states are more critical than the larger ones, because they all have the same number of Senators.

This makes sense, since the Fascists seem to be concentrating on the rural areas in regards to support, & small towns tend towards the red side of the spectrum.

Perhaps @AJinNH could clarify their position on this matter.


But it’s not helpful and it’s not doing anything to help solve the problem. Writing off large swaths of the population and ignoring the recent (since the 70s and 80s) uptick in racism, authoritarian thinking, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, etc, etc, is how we got here in the first place.

But people make this argument all the time here. But those of us who live here are on the front lines of this (even if we live in a blue bubble ourselves). And those pockets of retrograde thinking are in ever single state. We treat it like the national problem that it is, or we don’t get it solved.

We’ll see if they do.


I should amend my original statement to read, “her constituents who voted for her are idiots.”


Indeed. My comment was poorly worded. It should read, “Her constituents who voted for her are idiots.”
It is also true she likely doesn’t see anyone who did not vote for her as a constituent.


Maybe we should agree on a baseless accusation for her to disprove.
I propose that in her 20’s and 30’s she led secret rituals where she mutilated farm animals and drank their blood. Why, I heard there’s even video of this, but it’s too disgusting to show anywhere, and people who tried to get the word out were censored and killed.


Does every utterance on this board have to conform to those criteria?

You are right, you are exactly right, and that is an argument to be used against those who control the various media outlets in this country, and the politicians they own.

But people make this argument all the time here. But those of us who live here are on the front lines of this (even if we live in a blue bubble ourselves). And those pockets of retrograde thinking are in ever single state. We treat it like the national problem that it is, or we don’t get it solved.

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As some who is a constituent in a district whose representative and senators are certifiable morons supported by a lot of idiots, I can appreciate this.