Marjorie Taylor Greene loses it over Jewish space lasers: "F*ck off!" (video)

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Emily Maitlis is a class act - she’s the journalist whose interview utterly destroyed Prince Andrew and then she opened up an episode of the flagship current affairs Newsnight programme like this:


She’s a fascist, not mentally ill. Stop pushing that bullshit line. It EXCUSES FASCISM.


Statesmanship at it’s finest.

Stay classy, Midge.


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“I know you are but what am I?”, followed by an expletive: The expected response from a dim-witted schoolyard bully.


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One of the brightest and best of the young MAGA caucus in Congress.

I mean at least she doesn’t have any sexual or peculation offences outstanding, as far as I know.

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Emily Maitlis used to work for the BBC.


Thank you @GagHalfrunt – I will fix that!


I will say that my biggest problem with the space lasers thing is that this woman has said a great amount of other stupid shit far more recently. We don’t need to go back years. Weeks or even days should be sufficient.


It gets tiring trying to explain to people that mental illness and assholery are on independent axes. Being on one doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being on the other. Sometimes, an asshole is just an asshole.


I think these people thrive on that, though, skipping along from one stupid and horrible thing to another like a drop of water on a hot stove. If Jewish space lasers sticks to her forever instead I won’t mind one bit, especially since she plainly will.


Just to pre-empt anyone thinking of jumping in from a slightly different angle:
It’s the same with believing conspiracy theories. Totally independent of mental illness, all that’s required to believe conspiracy theories is gullibility and all that’s needed to pretend to believe them for political or financial gain is being an asshole.

In this case Marge seems to both believe them and exploit them for political gain, which just makes her a gullible asshole.


Yep and sometimes they are even fascist assholes! Quite frankly she’s a fascist grifter, not mentally ill. She saw an opportunity to enrich herself via her extreme beliefs by running in a very red district with a history of racism and conservativism and here we are…

And a fascist. :woman_shrugging: I really do think we need to keep highlighting the nature of these politics. Fascism has always had a strong embrace of conspiratorial thinking.


“What about Jewish space lasers? Tell us about Jewish space lasers.”

“Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers. and really, why don’t you fuck off?”

Maitlis was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to British Jewish parents;[2] her paternal grandmother was a Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany.



Two things that seem to be important for believing in conspiracy theories are firstly a mindset which dislikes randomness and unpredictable change in the world. This leads the person to prefer orderly explanations for stuff that happens. For example: Climate change isn’t real, it’s all a conspiracy by scientists to get grants.

The second thing is that once you’re in the community, the sense of belonging is enjoyable and gets enhanced by digging deeper into the place you now call home. Of course just about everyone enjoys being part of a community, so that’s not conclusive in itself.

At any rate, conspiracy theories are nothing to do with mental illness or stupidity, however stupid they might seem from the outside.


Agreed. Completely.

But then there’s the whole leaded petrol problem which is believed to have had a significant impact on the IQs (and cognitive abilities generally, before anyone jumps in to say IQ has not much correlation to … well, anything).

Apparently 90% of people born in the US between 1950 and 1981 have blood-lead levels above CDC thresholds. I’m not saying it’s a direct and singular cause (arseholes and fuckwits will do arseholery and fuckwittery) but I’m willing to bet it’s a contributor, given the age demographic of many of the people we see in the MAGA/GQP vox pops that appear here all too often. They do give a strong impression of being cognitively, umm … disadvantaged?