Marjorie Taylor Greene praises Biden at Turning Point USA rally

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Multiple coherent sentences coming out of her mouth that aren’t wrong or hateful. Every single word of that is completely inconsistent with the Empty Gee we all know and loathe.

Are we sure this isn’t a deep fake?


Don’t threaten me with a good time. And furthermore, don’t threaten American society with better social programs and safety nets!


We like to think that these MAGA nuts are just ignorant of history, but they’re not. To them the New Deal, the Great Society, and the Civil Rights Movement are not accomplishments to be celebrated and expanded; they are mistakes to be corrected. The idealized “great again” time they want to take us back to are not the 1950s but the 1850s.


When you start from the belief that anything and everything a Democrat does is evil then listing those accomplishments is understood among the cultists as a list of evil.

They have been trying to destroy FDR’s New Deal since it began.


She’s a RINO.


Well, they know some names, dates and how they are supposed to feel about them. This can be true and they can still be wildly ignorant of actual history. You’re right that it’s not a simple matter of educating them (at least in the simplest sense of “tell them a thing happened”) you would have to undo some heavy indoctrination and learned distrust of historical sources.


RFK encroaching on their turf? Two can play that game


Her statements make sense “in Republican,” where the government actually doing anything for people is suspect. It’s why MTG makes sure she never does anything at all for her constituents. She’s ideologically a waste of space.


All these decades later, with the success of the New Deal in forestalling multiple disasters seemingly evident to anyone with 20/20 hindsight, most people have trouble believing anyone ever opposed it then or now. Until recently most conservatives understood this and had to be circumspect about their loathing for it. It’s really strange to see Know-Nothings like EmptyG openly vilifying it and its successors (none of which, for the record, turned the U.S. into a Stalinist hellhole),


I think there was always an undercurrent of distaste among conservatives regarding the New Deal (the John Birchers all through the Cold War), but after Reagan and his “government is not the solution, government is the problem” it came to the forefront again.

There’s something puritanical about it, they need to stamp out anything that reminds them of communism, whether it’s beneficial or not. It’s like if Marx had invented the omelette they’d be calling for strict rules on how eggs can be cooked.


Oh, hell no. She can’t play on this team.


Unless one was a Bircher or another fringe conservative, an undercurrent of distaste what all it was: unspoken in public, only hinted at in think-tank papers in the form of theoretical oppositions to Keynesianism. Even during the 1980s, Reagan and Bush couldn’t come out against the New Deal, because many GOP voters were still old enough to have directly benefited from it.

As with opposition to fascism, good feelings about FDR and the New Deal have died out of living memory and created an opening where right-wingers could afford to openly go against what was once established public sentiment.

I should have qualified my statement above in that all this will seem weird to people under age 65 who are educated and know the real history. If one doesn’t have a proper education, one might buy into EmptyG’s contention that the New Deal was the first step in a sinister (((Commie))) plot that’s culminating with Biden.


It’s shirts or skinheads, and we know which side she’s chosen.


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