Marjorie Taylor Greene proves she is not antisemitic: "I actually support Jewish space lasers"

Originally published at: MTG: "I support Jewish space lasers"


Christians can’t be antisemitic because their favorite guy was Jewish?

Now I’m really confused about the last ~1700 years or so.


That’s the point… it’s an attempt to whitewash 1700 years of violent antisemitism, and instead blame Hamas for all of it…


“My Savior is a Jewish carpenter who died on the cross for my sins.”

When reached for comment, Jesus stated “Don’t blame Me for Marjorie Taylor Greene. She hasn’t listened to a word I said since some (but not all) of Leviticus! She’s headed straight Down when she dies unless she seriously turns her life around.”



She and Santos are in the same club.


A memoir? May it be a colophon to her political career.


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“She claimed she had even donated to a group named Machon HaMikdash, or the Temple Institute, that was helping fund the reconstruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem originally made 3,000 years ago.”

What, these guys?

That should all go fine, once they bulldoze that annoying Al-Aqsa Mosque (can’t have an Armageddon without breaking some eggs). Then comes the conversion of a few Jews and the elimination of the rest, and the second coming of Christ, or something. I’m not really clear on the order of events.


You could just read the Book of Revelation to find out. I’m sure it lays everything out in a nice, easy to understand way…I mean nobody would be trying to use it as a practical guide if the whole thing was nothing more than an incomprehensible fever dream, right?


Yeah, I was coming here after seeing that line. This isn’t “friend of the Jews” behavior, this is “trying to trigger the second coming so that Jesus comes back and raptures all the good people up to their mansions in heaven, and smites the enemies.”

I wonder if she’s also trying to send red heifers to Jerusalem. Apparently that’s also important.

Edit: I spent some time watching weird “bring about the Armageddon” Christian YouTube videos so you don’t have to. Apparently rebuilding the temple is necessary so that the Antichrist can come. Seriously. So MTG is trying to hasten the arrival of the Antichrist.


It’s kind of a shame how people hardly ever bring up any of the dragon fights in that part of the Bible. They might get more people into church if it was less gay-bashing and more epic Middle-Earth battle sequences.


That is part of the “Whoops, wrong Messiah” testament. The people planning to build the Third Temple are basing their work on a literal reading of the Jewish Bible (Old Testament).

And what PETA has to say about a return to animal sacrifice.


I also support our Space Laser Overlords, as long as they put MTG on their target list.

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Extra odd as this week she denied ever having said there any such thing as Jewish space lasers.


That said, she is supporting Jewish fanatics who have their own reasons for wanting to rebuild the Temple.

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Seems to me that wanting all the Jews to be in one place so that Jesus can come destroy them is its own special kind of antisemitism…


That would make Jesus a very special sort of savior.


Yeah, this is one of those places where they’re all happily helping each other, each secretly convinced that they’ll be the ones having the last laugh at the end and watching the smiting of the others.

Hmmm, actually, this could make a great theme for a board game… One of those co-ops where there ends up being only one winner.

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Nash’s original name for the game was Fuck You, Buddy.