Marjorie Taylor Greene says it's "miserable" being Georgia's Congresswoman: "I don't enjoy it"

Ideally, she would resign, then quit all social media, and vanish into complete obscurity.


There was Schroeders! There was always Schroeders!

In the 90s, all we did was go to Schroeder’s (or work there) and hang out on Broad St. But yeah, far more things to do there now.

I also got family over there and in Euharlee!


She’s miserable. Well, we’re all quite miserable listening to / reading about her antics.
It’s a failed relationship.
She’s unhappy, so is everyone else, so let’s just call it quits.
Hey, not every relationship works out in the end, that’s just life, so quit while you’re ahead, for everyone’s sake.

TL:DR. Please just fuck off already, Madge.


“It’s not a life that I think is like something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it."

That’s a helluva deep thought. And we really should be considering the possibility that it has nothing to do with the job and it’s just miserable being Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Well, to be fair, she is going through a divorce. Big life change, compounded with the contradictions of trying to have privacy while also frantically grabbing every media appearance opportunity she can get. She’s not going to flourish in this spotlight.

I’d go crazy just from commuting back and forth between DC and my district, myself. Add on having to actually talk to people like Tucker Carlson and Nick Fuentes, and it’s one big NOPE,.

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Plenty of people do this every week and manage to enjoy working for their constituents, even if parts of the job is difficult and draining… such as her senate colleague from her state’s delegation…

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She LIKES them. That’s not why she hates this job. She hates it because she fundamentally doesn’t like doing this job which is at it’s heart, serving others. She just wants power to wield over those she does not like.


I feel like this boingboing post isn’t exactly the “gotcha” people are portraying it as. She sucks of course, but she’s not just whining about her job. She’s saying it sucks to martyr herself. She’s saying she stays in spite of it being a terrible job because she believes in serving the people she represents and to fight the corrupt establishment. I mean yes she’s full of s#!t but her message here is consistent and makes sense to her audience who think Washington is a corrupt evil place.

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If she actually believed in what she was doing she would find satisfaction in the work even though it’s difficult and doesn’t pay as much as other vocations. You rarely hear teachers and nurses and social workers and such talking about their jobs this way even when they’re demanding better working conditions or more resources.


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MTG just wants power and wealth for yelling shitty things about people she hates… She wants to be validated and given power for just being a bigot.


And so if she wanted to step down for personal reasons like that I wouldn’t fault her for it. Instead she uses her position to make her ex a target. Calling her human garbage is being fair to her.


And by all accounts, part of the reason they are divorcing was because SHE was reportedly unfaithful… :woman_shrugging: Not sure if that’s the case, but that’s the rumor. Given her embrace of Trump and her total self-centeredness in her public persona, I would not be very surprised if it’s the case.


Honestly unfaithful or not, being completely divorced from reality, selfish, and constantly lashing out on others feels like it would put an unreasonable strain on most relationships. A break-up is a sad thing but I find it very hard to believe she made any real effort to make things work.


And plenty do it every week and manage not to be soulless ghouls objectively making the world a worse place.


Isn’t it interesting how often the kinds of women who rise in the ranks on the right are exactly the kind of women the right paint as villains and rail against as examples of their worst fears? It’s very strange.




Confirmation bias on their part…


“I’m a Snowflake, hear me whine!”


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To quote Cave Johnson: “Yes, you. Box. Your stuff. Out the front door. Parking lot. Car. Goodbye.